Love Yourself Because His Love Is Not Enough

Love Yourself Because His Love Is Not Enough
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Love yourself because he could text you back within seconds, he could call you sexy in sweatpants, he could kiss you without makeup on — but you will never believe his compliments if you still feel insecure about yourself. You are going to assume he is just being nice. You are going to assume he is trying to get something from you. Even if you believe him, you are going to assume he is going to change his mind eventually if you have trouble grasping the fact someone could love you.

Love yourself because he cannot remain by your side every second of the day. Even if he considers you a first priority, even if he cares about you more than himself, there will still be times when he leaves the room and you are left alone. In those moments without him, you do not want to feel lost. You do not want to feel worthless. You should not need him there to remind you of your inner and outer beauty. You should already know those things.

Love yourself because he should not be burdened with the task of making you feel good about yourself. He should not feel like it is his responsibility to bring a smile to your lips. He should be there to enhance the love you already have for yourself, not to convince you that you are capable of being loved in the first place.

Love yourself because the more you depend on his love, the more broken you will be when you break up — or even when you have a small argument and are not on speaking terms for a few days. If you do not love yourself, if his love is the only thing that makes you feel somewhat good about yourself, you risk lowering your standards in order to keep him around.

However, if you love yourself, then you will not be under the false impression you need someone else. You will walk away when the time comes. You will feel confident with or without him.

Love yourself because his love is valuable but it is not enough. You need love from your own reflection. You need to be able to wake up in the morning and feel good about yourself, even if he is not in bed next to you. You need to be able to say you are proud of the person you have become instead of looking for outside validation.

Love yourself because the person you consider your forever could always walk away at any point but you are going to be stuck with yourself for eternity. You cannot go anywhere. You cannot morph into a different person. You will always be you and instead of running from that fact, you should embrace it. You should learn to treat yourself with more kindness. You should stop being so hard on yourself. You should look in the mirror and count all the ways you embody beauty, not the ways you are lacking it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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