15 Bad Dating Habits You Should Break By The Time You Reach 25

15 Bad Dating Habits You Should Break By The Time You Reach 25
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1. Lying about what you are looking to get out of the relationship. If you want something serious, say so. The only time someone will consider that a turn-off is when they are looking for something completely different from you, which means they are a waste of your time anyway.

2. Keeping track of who sends the first text. You should not be the only person putting in effort, but if the relationship is pretty much balanced, then you should not be keeping track of who sent the first text and who planned the last date. Keeping score is pointless because your love is not a competition.

3. Lowering your standards for someone specific. If they cannot meet your expectations, that does not mean you should change your expectations. It means you should change partners.

4. Sending mixed signals. If you have feelings for someone, do not make them read your mind. Be straightforward with them.

5. Analyzing their every word. Do not dig deeper into their texts because they meant what they said. There is no hidden meaning. If they are putting effort into the relationship and treating you with respect, they like you. If not, you should be looking elsewhere.

6. Chasing after someone. You should not have to chase them down and convince them to love you. They should see your worth without you having to spell out all of your positive traits for them.

7. Running at the first sign of trouble. Do not assume one fight is the end of your relationship. Instead of breaking up right away, see if you can fix things. See if you can set things right.

8. Letting them get away with murder. On the other hand, if they do something unforgivable, do not give them a free pass. Do not give them extra chances they do not deserve. Know when to walk away.

9. Listening to your heart over your gut. If your head tells you someone is sketchy and your gut backs up that belief, you should not blindly follow your heart. Sometimes, your heart wants the wrong thing.

10. Shittalking your exes. You are allowed to be angry about your exes, but you should not be complaining about them constantly. It’s a sign that you haven’t moved on. It’s a sign you are still living in the past.

11. Staring at your phone over dinner. Even when you’re nervous, you shouldn’t take out your phone and start scrolling. It will make your date think you care more about your texts than them. Give them the attention they deserve.

12. Testing their love for you. Do not purposely put them in uncomfortable situations to see their response. You should date someone you trust without putting them through a series of tests.

13. Skirting around the ‘relationship label.’ You should not accept almost relationships when you are searching for something more serious. Sit down with your person and have a talk with them. Figure out where they stand because you should not be playing guessing games.

14. Asking your friends for advice. You can get general advice from the people you trust the most but you should not be sending them screenshots of your private conversations and asking them to write a response for you. You can handle that on your own.

15. Staying in the wrong relationship. Even if someone is a good person, that does not mean they are right for you. Don’t let your history or your guilt convince you to stay when you know you should go. You are allowed to leave. You are allowed to find someone else who fits you perfectlyThought Catalog Logo Mark

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