13 Things I Learned From Being A Heartbreaker

Things I Learned From Being A Heartbreaker

1. You are allowed to walk away at any time. You cannot stay in a relationship because you are worried about hurting the other person. Staying is unfair to them because they are believing a lie about how much you like them. And staying is unfair to you because you are missing out on the opportunity to find someone who fits you better.

2. Leaving will hurt. When you have a soft heart, dumping someone sucks as much as getting dumped yourself. You will feel like a horrible person for causing tears. But in the end, you will be proud of yourself for doing the right thing instead of the easy thing.

3. Even though you had a right to leave, even though the situation might have been toxic, even though the other person might have treated you worse than you ever treated them, you are going to get called a bitch. You are going to get guilt tripped by family and friends of the person you hurt. You are going to come across as the bad guy and that is something you are going to have to live with.

4. There will be times when you will question your choice. You will wonder whether you made the right decision. On those confusing nights, remind yourself of why you left. You are not stupid. You walked away for a reason. You walked away because that is what you wanted.

5. Dating a lot of different boys does not make you slutty or scandalous. You are allowed to date around. You are allowed to experiment. You are allowed to start and finish as many relationships as you would like.

6. You are not a bad person, you are not a selfish person, for choosing what is right for you.

7. Never stay in a relationship because you are worried about disappointing your friends and family who have been waiting for you to get married. They want you to be happy.

8. Some relationships are not meant to last. Some people are only meant to be temporary.

9. You are allowed to walk away from someone, even if they are a really good person. If there isn’t any chemistry, if you don’t have any love for them, then you should not stay around just because you feel like you could not do any better. Better would be dating someone you love back.

10. You are not a tease for flirting with someone and then refusing to sleep with them. You are not a bitch for dating someone and then breaking up with them.

11. You have to take care of your own heart before you worry about someone else’s.

12. You should never run back to them. You do not want to reopen old wounds. That is not fair to them. Give them space. Give them the chance to move on from you. Do not make it even harder for them to forget about you.

13. If you want to leave, then follow through. Do not make excuses to prolong the breakup. Do not procrastinate. Leave. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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