11 Cynical Thoughts From Every Girl Who Has Been Hurt Before

Some of these thoughts are right. Some of these thoughts are wrong. Either way, every girl who has been hurt before had these things run through her head.
X Cynical Thoughts From Every Girl Who Has Been Hurt Before
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1. I’m better off alone than in a relationship. Giving someone my heart means giving them the power to hurt me, so as long as I keep my distance from love, there is no chance of having my heart shredded to pieces.

2. I’m going to pretend to be coldhearted. I’m going to pretend my feelings for him do not exist. I am better off without him and it’s not like admitting my attraction would change the situation. He would never want me anyway.

3. Keeping my guard up will protect me. I don’t want to tell someone my deepest secrets, feel like I can trust them completely, and then get blindsided when they abandon me like everyone else has. It’s better for me to stuff my emotions down than to wear my heart on my sleeve.

4. I am not being cynical. I am not being skeptical. I am not being bitchy. I am being realistic. I am seeing the world clearly instead of wearing rose-colored glasses like romantics do.

5. There’s no reason to be jealous of all of the happy couples posting pictures on Instagram. They are going to be broken up in a few months and they’ll have to delete all of the photographs everyone keeps calling #relationshipgoals.

6. I am never going to find my forever person. No one is ever going to be good enough for me. They are never going to reach my standards — and I am not willing to lower them just so I can say I’m taken. I’m going to die alone and I am better off that way.

7. It’s easier to walk through the world alone. I can flirt with anyone I want. I can come home at anytime I want. I can make my own decisions without consulting anyone else first. There might be nights when I am lonely, but overall, it’s more beneficial to stay single than to enter some temporary relationship.

8. My career should be my main focus. Worrying about first kisses and dating apps is a waste of my time. It’s an unneeded distraction. I don’t need a relationship right now. It would be a mistake to get involved with someone, especially at this point in my life.

9. Soulmates do not exist. Fate does not exist. Love at first sight does not exist. Real life relationships are never going to mimic the couples in romantic comedies and if more people realized that, then they would feel the same way about relationships as I do.

10. My friends in relationships might look happy but they are always complaining about something. I don’t need the drama a relationship brings. I’m not missing out on anything. Sex and cuddling doesn’t make up for all the fights and passive aggressive comments. I would rather stay single and keep my independence and my sanity.

11Even though there is a part of me that secretly wants to be in a relationship, I’m happy on my own. I don’t need anyone in order to bring me happiness. I can create my own happiness. That is a fact. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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