You Never Deserved Her Soft Heart

You Never Deserved Her Soft Heart
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You never deserved her kindness. You never deserved her soft heart. You never deserved the sweet messages she would text you or the desserts she would bake you or the presents she would buy for your birthday. You never deserved to have someone you could rely upon, someone ready to run to your side whenever you were feeling lonely or needed a helping hand.

You never deserved her attention. You never deserved her smiles or laughter or hugs. You never deserved to feel like the center of her universe. You never deserved the comfort of knowing she would never leave you, she would never lie to you, she would never cheat on you.

You never deserved her forgiveness. You never deserved her second chances. You never deserved her reassurance that everything was okay, that she was perfectly fine, that she knew you would make things right in the future. You never deserved to have such huge mistakes forgiven time and time again. You never deserved to get away with what you put her through.

You never deserved her respect. You never deserved the benefit of the doubt. You never deserved her support and encouragement. You never deserved the ego boosts she would give you on a daily basis.

You never deserved her body. You never deserved to hold her hand. You never deserved to fall asleep at night with her head pressed against your chest. You never deserved to see what it felt like to brush your lips against hers. You never deserved to undress her. You never deserved to have an entire side of her saved for you and only you.

You never deserved her love. You never deserved kisses on the forehead and anniversary cards and date nights. You never deserved a girl who was willing to give you everything she could. A girl who accepted your flaws and forgave your mistakes.

You never deserved her soft heart just like she never deserved your icy heart.

She never deserved to date someone with secrets. She never deserved nights of wondering whether you were going to text her back, whether you were going to come home, whether you were going to stay faithful or break your promise to her.

She never deserved to date someone who loved to take but rarely gave anything in return. She never deserved the stress of planning every date, every vacation, every conversation topic. She never deserved the pressure of doing everything within her power to keep the relationship alive.

She never deserved to date someone who broke her trust. Someone who lied straight to her face. Someone who flirted behind her back. Someone who made her feel like a complete idiot for ever believing the relationship could last.

She never deserved to feel insecure around the one person who was supposed to make her feel beautiful. She never deserved to have her soft heart squished until there was nothing left but pain. She never deserved to date someone as toxic as you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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