Women Quickly Lose Interest When You Do These 10 Things

Women Quickly Lose Interest When You Do These 10 Things
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1. Ignore her messages. You might think women like bad boys. You might think they are intrigued by a game of hard to get. But that is not the case. Ignoring her messages will make her feel worthless and she wants to hold out for a man who makes her feel worthwhile.

2. Fail at setting plans. There is nothing more frustrating than asking someone to hang out and getting turned down every single time. She is going to lose interest in you if you are busy every time she asks you to hang out and vice versa. You can only try to set plans at the last second a certain amount of times before she gets fed up and wonders why you can’t just schedule with her ahead of time to avoid the disappointment.

3. Send unflattering texts. Even if she is the kind of woman who prefers hanging out face-to-face, she is probably going to spend most of her time texting you in the beginning. That means you have to come across as a gentleman over text. If you frequently misspell your words or kill the conversation with one-word answers, then she is going to assume there isn’t any chemistry. She is going to look for someone else.

4. Make sex your main interest. She is going to get turned-off by your crude comments about her body, dirty jokes, and requests for nudes. Unless she is also looking for something casual, then she will want an actual conversation during your dates. She won’t want to skip straight to the bedroom part. She wants to get to know your personality before learning about your body.

5. Show interest in other women. Even if you’re on your first date and are not committed to her in any way yet, she is not going to want to watch you flirt with your waitress or mention your other dating app matches. She wants to feel like you have the potential to remain loyal. If you come across as the kind of guy who is constantly on the prowl for women, then she is going to walk away right away.

6. Admit you are directionless. Strong women can take care of themselves. Financially, they do not need you to hold a high-paying job. But emotionally, they at least want you to have a direction in life. They want you to have ambition. They want to know you are passionate about something and working toward achieving it. They don’t want to settle for someone lazy in their career because they might also be lazy in their relationship.

7. Act entitled. She does not owe you anything after you buy her a drink. If you act like you are supposed to go home with her because she spent an hour talking to you at the bar, she is going to get creeped out and she is going to find an excuse to leave.

8. Refuse to take responsibility for your actions. If you screw up, if you hurt her, the least you can do is own your mistakes. Admit to them. Explain them. Then apologize. Do not come up with bullshit excuses and act like you didn’t realize you were doing anything wrong. Women want someone mature enough to take responsibility for their actions, not someone who always places the blame elsewhere.

9. Lead her on. She wants to be your only one, your main priority. If she finds out you have been leading her on while pursuing other options, she is going to give up on you. She would rather be a stranger to you than your second choice.

10. Behave disrespectfully. You should not make fun of her when she tells you about her interests. You should not make rude comments to the waiter. You should not look down on the busboys. You should not mistreat animals or babies or any living creatures. If she catches you treating others disrespectfully, she is going to lose all of her respect for you — and she will immediately lose interest in you too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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