This Is What Success REALLY Means Because It’s Not About Money, Marriage, And Fame

This Is What Success REALLY Means Because It's Not About Money, Marriage, And Fame
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Stop thinking of success as a checklist of items. Stop assuming the only people who have reached success are living in mansions with ten-carat rings on their fingers and six digit paychecks being deposited into their bank accounts each month. Stop assuming the amount of followers someone has on Twitter or the amount of vacation pictures they post on Instagram means they are living some dream life.

You don’t have to chase after marriage or millions in order to feel fulfilled. You don’t have to keep thinking of big houses and ball gowns as the ultimate goal. You can create your own definition of success.

Success is when you wake up in the morning and are excited about the day ahead of you because you are doing what you love for a living. Because you would still be doing this even if you weren’t getting paid a cent.

Success is when you consistently take steps forward instead of hovering in place or sliding backwards over time. It is when you vow to take action instead of spending a lifetime procrastinating.

Success is when you are happy to talk about what you do for a living during parties and fun weekends instead of wishing you could forget about work until Monday rolls around again. It is when you are proud to speak about your accomplishments, even if they might not seem that big to other people.

Success is knowing you could do better and aiming to achieve even more in the future, but appreciating where you are right this moment. It is accepting nothing is going to change overnight but you are on the right path which is all you can ask of yourself.

Success is when you stop thinking so low of yourself and finally start to see your own capabilities. It is when you realize you are worth something, you are talented, you are going to achieve your dreams even if it might take a while.

Success is when you fall asleep feeling like you made a difference. It is when you cannot think of a single regret you have about the way you spent your day because you are exactly where you want to be.

Stop linking success to money or success to marriage. You can be single and successful. You can be living in an apartment and be successful. You get to determine whether or not you are successful. No one else gets to make that call for you.

Success is when you impress yourself. Screw what anyone else thinks. Your friends do not matter. Your parents do not matter. Your neighbors do not matter. The only person who needs to think you are successful is yourself.

Success is when you are happy with your life as a whole, even though there are still some things you are hoping to achieve in the future. Success is when you can say you are proud of what you have done and what you are currently in the process of accomplishing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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