The Truth About Being Strung Along

The Truth About Being Strung Along
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You are not oblivious. You realize you are getting strung along. You are aware you are the one putting in the majority of the effort. You see the mixed signals. You count out how long it takes them to answer your texts and how long they are able to go without contacting you. You can tell their feelings for you are not nearly as strong as your feelings for them but that does not matter.

When you’re getting strung along, you hold onto the hope they are going to come to their senses. You have faith they will want to date you once they get to know you better. You think you have what it takes to convince them to fall for you. You are waiting for them to have the realization you would do anything for them so they should hold onto you tightly.

When you’re getting strung along you know you should back off but you end up coming on stronger instead. You send the first text. You send double texts. You invite them over. You invite them out. Instead of saying screw you when they grow distant from you, you try even harder to capture their attention. You fight for them because it feels like your only option.

When you’re getting strung along, you lie to yourself. You make excuses when this person ignores you. You give them the benefit of the doubt. You twist their words. You overthink conversations in search of signs they feel the same way. You take the tiniest gestures and act like they are significant. You come up with reasons to keep chasing them so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time.

When you’re getting strung along it’s hard to find the perfect time to leave because whenever you get attention from this person you latch onto them again. You want to spend as much time talking to them as possible because you are excited they are back in your world. Even though you know they are probably going to end up ghosting you like last time, you are hoping this will be the time that sticks. You keep giving them one more chance just in case even though their chances should have run dry months ago.

When you’re getting strung along, it hurts, but you are okay with the pain. You would rather talk to this person than cut them out of your world. You would rather get a little bit from them than nothing at all.

However, you deserve more. You should not toss and turn at night, wondering what you are lacking. You should not stare at your phone, wishing for notifications. The person you want should not make you feel unwanted. They should be giving you the same level of confidence you have given them.

Never accept the minimum amount again. Stop letting other people string you along because you are worthy of a real, balanced relationship. Ask for more. Demand more. Do not stop searching until you discover more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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