The Kind Of Boys You Should Leave Behind

The Kind Of Boys You Should Leave Behind
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Leave behind boys who have trouble sending a two-word text back. Boys who prioritize you low on their list. Boys who keep you waiting for hours (and sometimes even days) before typing out a reply.

Leave behind boys who struggle to stay faithful. Boys who claim they are not ready for a real relationship but treat you like their girlfriend anyway. Boys who swipe through dating apps even after they find a girl they claim to want all to themselves.

Leave behind boys who cannot keep their stories straight. Boys who twist facts based on what will make you the least mad. Boys who rationalize their actions and make excuses instead of admitting to their mistakes.

Leave behind boys who turn ghosting into a weekly occurrence. Boys who think they can rotate in and out of your world whenever they please. Boys who are inconsistent but still expect you to be there for them whenever they call.

Leave behind the boys who spend more time with their phone than you. Boys who text at the dinner table when you are trying to have a conversation with them. Boys who are more interested in whoever is on the other end of the line than the person staring them directly in the eyes.

Leave behind boys who take your attention for granted. Boys who assume you are always going to be around, no matter how poorly they treat you. Boys who ignore your texts and fail to return your compliments because they are perfectly fine with you doing all the work while they enjoy the benefits.

Leave behind boys who try to take control of your world. Boys who think you owe them something. Boys who make demands about what you should wear and who you should hang out with and how many times a week you should be having sex.

Leave behind boys who play games with your heart. Boys who send mixed signals. Boys who string you along for as long as possible to avoid making a commitment.

Leave behind boys who cannot drink in moderation. Boys who never take a night off from partying. Boys who spend their weekends slurring their words and sending drunken texts inviting you over for quickies.

Leave behind boys who refuse to talk about their feelings. Boys who keep their guards even higher than yours. Boys who are too immature to sit down and have an adult conversation about their feelings because they are worried about coming across as weak.

Leave behind boys who make you question yourself. Boys who bring out your worst insecurities. Boys who make you wonder whether you are pretty enough, funny enough, smart enough, good enough.

Leave behind boys who give you a headache. Boys who cause you to stress. Boys who cause you to overthink. Boys who drive you absolutely crazy because you can never tell what they are thinking.

Leave behind boys who hurt you. Boys who have no idea what they are missing out on. Boys who are unworthy of your soft heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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