Stop Settling For Less

Stop Settling For Less
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Stop settling for less — and not only in your romantic relationships. You should reach high in every area of your world. Do not hold yourself back from greatness. Do not let yourself become lazy. Decide you are not going to accept anything less than the ideal.

Do not settle for less when it comes to your career. You might be stuck working a job you hate right now, but do not get used to it. During your off hours, pursue your passion. Learn a new craft. Apply for internships in a field that actually interests you. See if you can make a living doing something you love doing. It might take a while to get there, but at least try to get there.

Do not settle when it comes to your friendships. If you would dump someone who spoke down to you and lied to your face and belittled you in groups, then why would you hold onto a friend who is treating you in the same unhealthy way? End friendships that are no longer bringing you comfort. End friendships that are causing you more stress than laughter. End friendships that have slowly become toxic.

Do not settle when it comes to taking care of your mental health. Do not accept sadness as a permanent part of your personality. Visit a therapist. Talk through your feelings with your friends. Work on learning self-love. See what steps you can take to create a more peaceful, meaningful life for yourself because you are worth it.

Do not settle when it comes to relationships. Do not lower your standards so you can stop calling yourself single. Do not offer someone unappreciative your whole heart. Wait for a person who respects you and admires you. Wait for a relationship that comforts you and challenges you. Wait for a love that brings you stability, not one that causes insecurity.

Do not settle when it comes to your appearance. Looks are not everything, but if it makes you feel better to have your hair and nails done, then treat yourself. Set aside some money to buy the expensive eyeliner that rolls smoothly across your skin and the pair of knee-high boots you have left open in a tab on your laptop for weeks because you desperately want to order them. Wear the clothes you want. Create the world you want.

Do not settle for an average life where you are working a job you cannot stand, dreading the start of each week, but also dreading the end of each work day because you are coming home to a person who treats you like crap. Do not settle for a life where you look in the mirror and hate your face, hate your clothes, hate yourself. Do not settle for bad relationships, bad bosses, and bad self-images.

Give yourself more. More respect. More love. More credit. Even if you have doubts about what you will be able to achieve, you should still raise your standards. You should still  realize you do not have to settle for less than you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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