Sometimes Love Sucks

Sometimes Love Sucks
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Sometimes, you’ll love the wrong person. Of course, you will think they are the right one at the time. You will look at them like they are perfect, like they could never do you wrong. You will trust them with your heart. You will rely on them to keep you company when you are lonely and comfort you when you are sick. You will grow used to having them around and forget what it was like before they came alone.

But eventually, you will realize they were toxic. They were controlling. They were manipulative. They treated you more like an object than the love of their life. When that happens you will find the strength to leave. And you will want to stay single forever because love sucks.

Sometimes, you’ll fall out of love. At first, you will spend all of your time with this person. You will reveal your secrets to them. You will share your world with them. You will assume you are going to have an entire lifetime to grow alongside each other.

And then you will slowly drift apart. You will stop getting excited to see texts from them. You will get annoyed by every little thing they say. The butterflies in your stomach will take a rest. When that happens you will decide you are better off alone than with someone who has stopped fulfilling you. And you will want to stay single forever because love sucks.

Sometimes, your feelings will not be returned. You will fall head over heels for someone and they will not like you back with the same intensity. They will lead you on though. They will take as much as they can from you without offering any affection in return. They will drain your energy and leave you with more insecurities than you had before you met them.

Eventually, you will move on from them. You will put them in your past and wonder why you wasted so much time with them in the first place. When that happens, you will want to stay single forever because love sucks.

Sometimes, you will fall in love at the worst possible time. Circumstances will stop you from getting to know someone you could have formed a deep connection with, someone you could have married in an alternate universe. You will start to think of them as the one who got away. You will hate the world for forcing you to meet when it was inconvenient. You will wish things would have turned out differently. You will wish you would have had a fair shot at love. When that happens, you will want to stay single forever because love sucks.

Even though there are a million things that could go wrong on your quest for commitment, love is worth the risk. There might be five or six (or fifty or sixty) times when your relationship ends in a way you never thought it would, but the one time it lasts will be worth all the trouble. TC mark

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