Sometimes, It Seems Like You Care

Sometimes, It Seems Like You Care
Unsplash / Sarah x Sharp

Sometimes, it feels like you have feelings for me too. Sometimes, you text me first and it’s obvious you were missing me because you could have easily gone weeks without talking to me again otherwise.

Sometimes, you mention little things about me I don’t even remember telling you, things most of my friends would never even remember. You have proven you pay close attention to me, that you really listen when I speak.

Sometimes, you flirt with me in clearcut ways everyone in the room notices. You smirk during passing glances. You search for me from across crowded rooms. You compliment my hair. You choose the seat closest to me. You tease me. You touch me. You make me feel like the only other person in the room because when we’re together only the two of us matter. Everyone else becomes background noise.

Sometimes, you send me blaring signals you feel the same way. Sometimes, our chemistry is undeniable.

But other times, it seems like you could not care less about me. Other times, you drop out of my world without a warning call. Other times, you ignore my texts for hours, nights, weeks on end. Other times, you act like you are too good for me, like you have better things to do than waste your time playing house with me.

You annoy the hell out of me because it’s never in between with you. Half of the time, it feels like you are crazy about me. The other half of the time, it feels like you have completely forgotten about me.

You have the power to make my day and you have the power to ruin it. It depends on what version of yourself you are going to play. It depends on whether you choose to seek me out or snub me. You are beyond confusing.

Sometimes, you send me reassuring signals. You go out of your way to do cute things for me. You call me by silly nicknames. You offer your jacket in the cold. You surprise me with food. You are either completely infatuated with me or hardcore leading me on.

I cannot tell what your intentions are because you change your mood every single day. I never know what to expect from you. I have no idea what you want from me. A relationship? A one-night stand? A friendship? A backup plan? It’s so hard to tell. One day, I feel like I have you all figured out and the next day I fall back to square one.

Even though my feelings for you are pretty strong, I cannot deal with your mixed signals for much longer because they do not mean what I want them to mean. I want them to mean you are interested in me, but I know they really mean you are unsure about me. You are only halfway invested. You are not completely convinced you like me. And if that is the case, I don’t think I can keep chasing after you. I have to let you go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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