She Only Overthinks Because You Send Her Mixed Signals

She Only Overthinks Because You Send Her Mixed Signals
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If you were honest with her about your feelings, if you were straightforward with your texts and actually admitted what she means to you, then she wouldn’t have to wonder about your intentions. She wouldn’t be wasting her time rereading the words you type, trying to search for hidden meaning. She wouldn’t be driving herself nuts overanalyzing the way you looked at her and the compliment you gave her and the times you touched her.

She only overthinks because you send mixed signals. Because it’s impossible to guess what is going on in your mind. If you were consistent, if you were transparent, if you were authentic, then there would be nothing for her to wonder about. She wouldn’t have any questions. She would know exactly where you stood, so there would be no need for her to overthink.

If you made your feelings more obvious, then she wouldn’t have to scroll through your social media for warning signs you are interested in some other girl more than her. She wouldn’t have to wonder whether the reason you are taking so long to text her back is because you are genuinely busy or because you have placed her low on your list of priorities.

There are times when she feels like a crazy person, trying to decipher what your smallest actions mean, but you are the reason why she is overthinking. You act one way on Monday morning and a completely different way on Friday night. She never knows what to expect from you. You confuse the hell out of her and she is trying to figure you out.

Your mixed signals have put her in an awkward position. She’s not sure whether the times when you flirt with her or the times when you ignore her are more significant. She cannot tell whether you view her as a harmless crush, a fling, or as girlfriend material.

She overthinks the texts you send and the amount of time you spend away because sometimes it seems like you are interested in her and other times it seems like you couldn’t care less about her. She’s trying to work out the truth. She just wants answers.

Your inconsistency is why she overthinks every move she makes. She’s not sure if the reason why you sometimes stop answering out of the blue is because of how long (or short) you have to wait for a text back from her. She’s not sure whether liking your pictures or ignoring them makes you want her more. You are unpredictable. She keeps trying to find a pattern to your behavior but there isn’t any. You don’t make a lick of sense to her.

She only overthinks because you send her mixed signals, so do her a favor and tell her how you feel. It would save her a lot of trouble. Whether you like her back or are not interested in taking your relationship further, she would rather know the truth than spend a lifetime trying to figure you out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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