Love Doesn’t Mean Sticking With Them Through Everything

Love Doesn't Mean Sticking With Them Through Everything
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Loving someone does not mean you have to stay after they hurt you. Loving someone does not mean you give them unlimited chances. Loving someone does not mean you have to stick around and fix a situation that is beyond repair.

You are allowed to decide you deserve better than someone who cheats on you, talks down to you, and struggles to appreciate you. You are allowed to walk away from your relationship instead of working to rebuild it from the ground level.

If you love someone, then you can handle minor arguments. If you love someone, you can overcome misunderstandings. If you love someone, you can choose to fix things instead of running away at the first sign of trouble.

However, not everything is salvageable. Some relationships are unable to be mended. Staying is not only a waste of time. It can also be dangerous. It can zap your confidence and bring out your insecurities.

Even though you have a history together, even though you have strong feelings for each other, you have no obligation to stay together. You are allowed to change your mind at any time. You are allowed to end your love story even though the love is still there.

You cannot remain in a toxic situation because you feel guilty about leaving behind such a large portion of your past. Your heart might be begging you to stay but you should not blindly listen while ignoring your head and your gut.

Leaving a crumbling relationship does not make you weak. It does not make you heartless. It does not make you a coward.

Love doesn’t mean sticking with them through everything. Sometimes, a line is crossed and you have to leave. Sometimes, you have to place your love for yourself above your love for them. Sometimes, you have to abandon the person who means more than anything to you for the benefit of your own mental health.

Leaving does not mean you have stopped loving them. It means you have stopped loving the way they make you feel.

Sometimes, you have to walk away from a bad relationship instead of fighting until your last breath. It does not mean you are a quitter. It does not mean you are selfish. It means you are self-aware enough — and strong enough — to choose the best path for yourself.

You can love someone and leave. You can appreciate what you once had while realizing there is no reason for you to remain for any longer. Some relationships have an expiration date. Some couples stop making sense together.

You do not want to jam yourself into a relationship that no longer fits you. You have to be honest with yourself if you want to lead a fulfilling life. You have to admit the hard truths. It will sting in the short-term but will help overall.

Remember: Love does not mean sticking with them through anything. Sometimes, you should leave. Sometimes, you should walk away, even if you are still deeply in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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