If You Like A Girl, Like Her Selfies

If You Like A Girl, Like Her Selfies
Unsplash / Victoria Quirk

Like her selfies. Comment below her pictures. Leave heart eye emojis and little hearts for her to find.

Even if she is the kind of girl who swears she could not care less about social media, even if she does not judge her worth based off of the attention she receives online, you should still like her selfies.

Every girl deserves to feel beautiful. Every girl deserves to feel like a catch. If she took the time to post a picture, she hopes it will be acknowledged. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have bothered. She would have left it on her camera roll, untouched.

Whenever you see she has posted a selfie, do not scroll passed it. Click the heart button. It doesn’t matter if she is your girlfriend and already knows you find her attractive. Click to remind her. Click to give her a confidence boost.

You can even take your compliment a step further by posting pictures of her on your page. Brag about her. Be the annoying boyfriend who cannot stop talking about how lucky he is because even though she might tease you about how corny you are, she is secretly going to think it’s cute. She is secretly going to be flattered.

It might sound silly to care so much about a selfie, but it takes confidence to post a photograph. It takes courage. She posted her photo because she liked the way her eyeliner came out or the way her hair fell across her shoulders or the way her outfit looked in the mirror. She felt good in that moment.

You don’t want her to end up feeling insecure about a photograph she originally liked. You don’t want her to end up deleting the selfie because she is embarrassed about how little attention it received. You don’t want to make her second guess her own beauty.

Like her selfies, even if you feel like smashing a button on your phone screen isn’t a big deal, because you never know what kind of day she is having. She might need a pick-me-up. Seeing your name pop up on her notifications might put her in a better mood. It might give her the only real smile of the day.

Remember, even if it seems like her selfie took two seconds to snap, it might not have been the only one she took. It might have taken her ten tries to get right. She might have wasted longer than she would like to admit trying to get the lighting and posing right.

Like her selfies because it only takes two seconds but could help her feel confident for the rest of the day. Like her selfies because there is no reason to keep your compliments in your head when you could express your emotions instead. Like her selfies because sometimes the smallest acts mean the most.

Instead of making fun of her for how many pictures she posts or scrolling past her face, help her feel beautiful because girls spend way too much of their time feeling the opposite. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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