His Mixed Signals Mean He’s Not Good Enough For You

His Mixed Signals Mean He's Not Good Enough For You
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His mixed signals mean he is only willing to give you half of his attention. He is not invested in the relationship enough to give you everything you deserve. You are always going to be lacking as long as you are interested in him.

His mixed signals mean he is not ready to commit. He is not going to ask you to be his girlfriend. He is not going to introduce you to the family. He is not going to keep in constant contact with you. He might treat you like more than a friend but he will also treat you like less than a soulmate. He will balance somewhere in between.

His mixed signals mean he is only going to be there for you on certain days. He is not the one who has your back. He is not the one who will drop everything he’s doing in order to rush to your aid. He won’t even answer texts back on certain days. He won’t care about you enough to feel guilty about leaving you waiting. He will choose the selfish option over the option that brings the two of you closer together.

His mixed signals mean he is lazy — at least when it comes to you. When it comes to you, he is never going to exert extra effort. He is never going to plan your dream date because he will settle for inviting you over at the last second for a few beers. He is never going to send you sappy good morning texts because he can get away with sending misspelt, drunken ones.

His mixed signals mean losing you doesn’t make much of a difference to him. He doesn’t care if you feel like you’re the one who cares more because it’s the truth. If you suddenly get frustrated and stop answering his messages, he would move on. He would find someone else to string along because he never planned on keeping you around forever anyway.

His mixed signals mean he only likes you a little bit. He might have fun talking to you. He might get turned on by looking at your body. But you do not mean enough for him to commit to you. You are not the only thought occupying his brain. There are probably a few other people just like you. You are probably not the only girl who has been talking to him and falling for his charm.

His mixed signals mean he is not good enough for you. He is not someone worthy of your time. He is not someone you should continue to chase. You deserve someone who texts you about how cute you looked that day and asks you on official dates. You deserve someone who makes their feelings obvious because they would kick themselves if they lost their chance with you.

His mixed signals are a warning sign. They are telling you to keep away. They are telling you that you can do better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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