Girls Who Date The Wrong Guys End Up The Happiest

Girls Who Date The Wrong Guys End Up The Happiest
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Girls who spent a chunk of their lives dating the wrong guys end up the happiest — as long as they learn from their mistakes. As long as they pay attention to what is and is not working. As long as they promise themselves to ask for more in the future.

Girls who have dated the wrong guys start out undervaluing themselves but eventually learn their worth. They eventually come to the conclusion they deserve more than what they have been settling for all of this time. They see how much pain past relationships caused them and swear they will never allow themselves to go through that again.

Girls who have dated the wrong guys can tell the difference between someone with pure intentions and someone who is playing them because they have dealt with all kinds of men in the past. Back in the day, they were unable to see the red flags, but now they are experts. They know exactly what to look out for. They know what seemingly small actions mean it’s time for them to walk away.

Girls who have dated the wrong guys have a strong sense of self because after their bad relationships ended, they spent a lot of time on their own. They stopped dating for a while because they were concerned with their bad taste. They did a lot of self-reflection and learned to become independent. They learned they do not need anyone else. They learned they can survive on their own.

Girls who have dated the wrong guys know what an unhealthy relationship can do to a person. It can turn them cold and jealous and insecure. It can give them stress and paranoia and stomachaches. Since they have no desire to put themselves in that type of situation a second time, they have learned to like the single life. They have come to the realization that being in a relationship is not always better.

Girls who have dated the wrong guys are extra cautious. They know what people are capable of doing so they always have one eye open. Their skepticism saves them from a lot of trouble. It keeps them in a safe, happy space, free from liars and manipulators. They only let their guards down once they have found someone who has earned access. Otherwise, they keep to themselves.

Girls who have dated the wrong guys are not stupid. They are not desperate. They are not lesser. They are only human.

So if you have a history of choosing the wrong guys, if everyone teases you over your bad taste, don’t be embarrassed. Don’t feel insecure when speaking about your exes. Don’t wonder what the hell is wrong with you.

You are allowed to date the wrong guys. You are allowed to get your heart broken. You are allowed to make stupid decisions as long as you are smart enough to extract yourself from the situation in the end.

Dating the wrong guys is not always a disaster. Sometimes, it will lead you toward enlightenment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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