Don’t Date Me If You Can’t Commit

Don't Date Me If You Can't Commit
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Don’t date me if you can’t stay faithful. You don’t get to have me and swipe through dating apps at the same time. I’m not interested in anything casual so if you commit to me, that means you want me and only me. I am not going to give you a second chance if you cheat. I am not going to forgive you if you get caught ‘harmlessly’ flirting with a girl from work or one of your exes. I don’t give out three strikes. You only get one.

Don’t date me if you can’t communicate. I am not going to waste my time prying answers from your mouth. I expect you to be mature enough to hold an adult conversation with me. That means you shouldn’t be keeping any secrets or bottling up any emotions. I want you to tell me what has been on your mind. I want you to be completely open with me, even if you have something to say I am not going to like.

Don’t date me if you can’t pull your weight. I am not going to be the only person planning dates and coming up with conversation topics. I am not going to take on the role of your mother or your babysitter. If we are going to be in a serious relationship, then you have to give me as much as you are willing to take. You have to put in your share of effort.

Don’t date me if you can’t make time for me. I am not going to stay in a relationship where I feel like a second choice. I am not going to wait around for your schedule to clear up so we can spend face-to-face time together. I want a relationship that exists over more than just the phone. I want date nights. I want quality time together.

Don’t date me if you can’t express your vulnerability. I don’t want a macho man who refuses to cry in front of me. I want someone who is authentic. Someone who reveals every single side of themselves without worrying about how they will be perceived. Basically, I want someone with emotions, someone who is completely open with me, not a heartless machine.

Don’t date me if you can’t text me back. I understand if you are busy with work or a family matter and are unable to reach me, but it shouldn’t take you ten hours to answer me on an average afternoon. You should be excited to hear from me. If we are in a relationship, then I expect you to keep in touch with me — and not just every few days.

Don’t date me if you can’t commit. I don’t want to break up with you days after telling everyone I am in a new relationship. I don’t want to raise my hopes and have them come crashing down once you run off. If serious relationships scare you, then we can’t be together. I am ready for something real — and ready for someone who is able to handle that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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