Date A Girl Who Loves Fall More Than Summer

Date A Girl Who Loves Fall More Than Summer
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Date a girl who feels the most comfortable wearing oversized sweaters with sleeves that cover her hands up to her knuckles. Date a girl who thinks the backyard looks the most beautiful when orange and yellow leaves are scattered across the ground for her boots to crunch over. Date a girl who cannot wait to sip on her pumpkin spice lattes, even though everyone is going to call her basic.

Date a girl who gets excited about planning out Halloween costumes and putting together candy bags for the neighborhood children. Date a girl who researches the scariest haunted houses in the area and holds your hand tight while walking through the paths. Date a girl who takes you pumpkin picking and spreads newspaper across the floor to carve faces for the front stoop.

Date a girl who snuggles up to you on the couch with a bowl of candy corn to enjoy the best horror movies ever made (and laugh at some of the worst). Date a girl who hides behind the bathroom door to jump scare you even though she’s giggling the whole time. Date a girl who cannot get enough spookiness, whether she is watching The Nightmare Before Christmas or A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Date a girl who asks you to take her apple picking and walk through corn mazes and ride hay rides. Date a girl who packs a basket and surprises you with a picnic of your favorite foods. Date a girl who reads your tarot cards and searches for local ghost tours because she is not afraid of anything.

Date a girl who strings fake spiderwebs around the house. A girl who decorates with apple scented candles. A girl who gets overexcited about any costume parties she’s invited to and might even plan out one of her own.

Date a girl who cannot enter a craft store or a grocery store without fawning over the Halloween decorations and making an impulse buy or two. Date a girl who is happy to trade time at the beach in swimsuits for time in parks wearing hoodies. Date a girl who would rather feel leaves beneath her feet than sand.

Date a girl who gets excited when little kids ring the doorbell dressed as their favorite movie characters. Date a girl who sets aside extra candy for you two to eat the rest of the week. Date a girl who bakes cookies with pumpkins printed on them, stocks up on caramel apples, and shares sips of her apple cider.

Date a girl who convinces you to wear matching costumes. A girl who helps turn Halloween into one of your favorite days of the day. A girl who gets you excited about the entire month of October because she spends all thirty-one days acting festive.

Date a girl who feels the most at home during autumn. A girl whose favorite holiday is Halloween. A girl who will make this season the best one of the year. TC mark

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