11 Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You As Much As You Love Him

11 Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You As Much As You Love Him
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1. He puts in an equal amount of effort. Sometimes, he will plan dates. Sometimes, he will pay for dinners. Sometimes, he will drive. Sometimes, he will pick the movie. The amount of work balances out. You don’t feel like the relationship is one-sided because you both pull your weight.

2. He has integrated you into his family. His father always asks about you. Whenever he calls his mother, you talk to her too. His aunts give you presents during the holidays. His cousins all know your name. It’s the same with his friends. Whenever his buddies invite him on a night out, it’s implied that you are invited too. If you can’t make it, then they actually miss you because they are your friends now too.

3. He gives you specific compliments. He might give you cliche compliments about how much he loves your eyes and the sound of your laughter, but he also tells you how much he appreciates having you around to push him forward with his career and keep his head straight during rough patches. He lists out specific things you have done that make him love you more than he did yesterday, even though he thought that was impossible.

4. He knows you like the back of his hand. Even if you don’t think you’ll like a certain band or flavor of candy, if he tells you you’re going to like it, then you probably will. He pays close attention to you. Sometimes he knows you even better than you know yourself.

5. He considers you a top priority. He would drop anything for you. If you needed a ride, he would hop in his car. If you needed to vent, he would come over and listen for hours. He cares about you as much as he cares about his family members because one day you will become part of the family.

6. He gets romantic with you. He will write messages at the bottom of birthday cards. He will spend weeks searching for the perfect present for you. He will cook breakfast in bed, even though he always gets shells in his omelettes. He will try to make you the happiest woman on the planet.

7. He is never pushy about sex. He loves looking at your body and he loves touching your body. He would have sex with you three times per day if you had the time, but whenever you turn him down because of a headache or your period, he doesn’t push. He is just as happy to cuddle with you and watch YouTube videos as he is to strip you naked.

8. He makes plenty of time for you. When he has off from work, he tries to make plans with you. When there is a concert he wants to see or a movie he wants to watch, you are the first person he asks. He tries to spend as much quality time with you as possible because you are more than his person, you are his best friend.

9. He shows genuine appreciation. He does not take anything you do for granted. He thanks you whenever you wash the dishes or make him dinner or save an extra piece of candy for him. No one has to tell him how lucky he is to have you. He already knows.

10. He never messes up majorly. He would never want to screw up what he has with you, which is why he is loyal and honest and dependable. He has strong morals and sticks to them because losing you would be the biggest mistake of his life.

11. He loves the things you used to hate about yourself. He loves the feel of your skin, the sound of your voice, the scent of your hair. He loves the pieces of you no one else has accepted — or even noticed — before. He is completely crazy about you and it shows. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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