10 Ways Insecure Girls Ruin Their Lives Without Even Trying

10 Ways Insecure Girls Ruin Their Lives Without Even Trying
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1. You assume no one would ever want to date you. Whenever someone shows interest, you assume they are only being friendly. Or they are using you. Or they are playing some kind of prank on you. You never consider the possibility they want to date you because you see yourself as someone unworthy of love.

2. You assume no one wants you around. You turn down party invitations and leave texts unanswered because you feel like everyone would be happier without you around. Even though they actually do want you in their lives, you distance yourself until it’s impossible for them to get in contact with you again.

3. You assume you are going to fail. You don’t bother to apply for certain positions, attend certain interviews, or chase after certain dreams because you assume you are going to fail. You assume you don’t have what it takes to reach success. You give up on yourself before you even try, so you never get to see what you are truly capable of achieving.

4. You assume you are being a bother. You never send the first text to your crush or ask your friends to come to your house over the weekend because you don’t want to place them in an awkward position where they secretly want to turn you down. You isolate yourself because you don’t want to force your friendship onto anyone.

5. You assume your relationships are going to end. Even once you are in a loving, loyal relationship you worry about getting cheated on. You don’t think highly of yourself so you assume your person would rather have someone else. You assume they are looking elsewhere. You assume they are going to leave eventually.

6. You assume other girls have better lives. Instead of supporting other women, you get jealous of them. A part of you hates them for being prettier than you and more successful than you because you feel like you are in competition with them and you are losing.

7. You assume you are making a fool of yourself. You stay quiet in group conversations. You rarely talk at work. You keep your comments to yourself because you are worried about looking like an antisocial idiot who has no clue what they are saying.

8. You assume you look ugly. You delete pictures of yourself. You scowl when you look in the mirror. You are never satisfied with what you look like, even if it takes you three hours to get yourself ready in the morning.

9. You assume you are only going to make things worse. You never ask friends in need what is bothering them because you don’t want to intrude. You never volunteer to help your boss out because you assume you’ll mess up. You sell yourself short and end up coming across as rude on accident.

10. You assume you are going to end up alone. You sabotage your chances of finding love by swearing you are going to be alone forever. You never put yourself out there, even though you would find someone if you believed in yourself and gave yourself a shot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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