10 Things Your Girlfriend Does Because She Is Scared You Will Leave Her

10 Things Your Girlfriend Does Because She Is Scared You Will Leave Her
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1. She asks for constant reassurance. She asks you whether her hair looks okay, whether you like her makeup, whether you are happy, whether you still love her. She needs constant reminders you care because she is convinced you are going to wake up one morning and forget why you got into a relationship with her in the first place.

2. She distances herself. She does not want to grow too attached to you. She does not want her whole world thrown into disarray when you leave (which she assumes is going to happen). She does not want to let you into her heart completely because she does not believe you are going to stay for as long as you have promised.

3. She overreacts. She gets mad when you like another girl’s photo because she is worried you are attracted to her. She gets upset when you hang out with your friends too late because she is worried you have more fun with them. She has a tendency to overthink, to jump to the worst case scenario, and she ends up causing accidental drama.

4. She has fits of jealousy. She asks you a million questions about the girls you work with and the female friends you text. She gets extra insecure when your waitress is attractive. She freaks out whenever a hot girl is around because she is worried you will realize you can do better and will break up with her for someone else.

5. She freaks out when you don’t text back. When you take too long to answer, she assumes the worst. She assumes you are ignoring her. She assumes you are placing her low on your list of priorities. She assumes you have finally gotten sick of her the way she knew you always would.

6. She fishes for compliments. She is insecure about her looks and wants to know you find her attractive. That is why she tries to get you to say nice things about her. She wants to know that you are still turned on by her.

7. She has sex when she is not in the mood. Even though she should say no when she is not interested in having sex, she agrees in order to keep you happy. She thinks sleeping with you as much as possible will convince you to stay for longer.

8. She snoops through your stuff. She is terrified of getting cheated on which is why she might take an occasional peek at your phone when you aren’t looking or scroll through your emails when you leave the page open. She wants assurance you are not doing anything sketchy behind her back.

9. She spends a lot of time on her appearance. She never lets you see her without makeup. She never lets you touch her without shaved skin. She never lets you near her unless she has spent hours in the bathroom making herself look perfect because she wants to impress you.

10. She avoids talking about the future. She doesn’t like to discuss marriage and children and forever because she does not want to end up disappointed. She is afraid of getting comfortable with you, believing you have her back, trusting you will never hurt her, and then getting her heart broken in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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