You Are Allowed To Be ‘Too Picky’

You Are Allowed To Be 'Too Picky'
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You are allowed to have high standards. You are allowed to expect a lot from the person you choose to spend the rest of your life alongside. There is nothing wrong with knowing you deserve the best. You are supposed to value yourself. You are supposed to refuse to settle.

Even though you might be called too picky like it’s a bad thing, you are allowed to decide someone is not what you want. You are allowed to ignore texts. You are allowed to say no when someone asks for your number. You are allowed to remain single until you find the perfect person for you.

You shouldn’t jump into a relationship with someone you only kind of like because no one better is around. You shouldn’t let your loneliness convince you to grab the first person you find.

You are allowed to swipe left on dating apps. You are allowed to turn down dates. You are allowed to explore your options instead of committing while you are this young.

Even though you might feel pressured to settle down as early as possible, you are allowed to hold out for a relationship that gives you butterflies. You are allowed to chase after your happily ever after. You are allowed to want something more than you have gotten in the past.

You are allowed to think dating someone is a bad idea. You are allowed to go on first dates that don’t lead to second dates. You are allowed to kiss someone and decide there is no chemistry. You are allowed to text someone for months and then realize they aren’t actually what you wanted after all.

You are allowed to reject someone over something seemingly small, like the fact that they drink too much or that they smoke weed. You are allowed to decide what your dealbreakers are. You know what kind of behaviors you can live with and what kind are unacceptable.

As long as you are not ‘too picky’ when it comes to superficial things like a person’s hair color and height, then you are not being cruel by turning them down. Just remember that it’s true you should never judge a book by its cover because some people will surprise you. You could end up falling madly in love with someone you didn’t want to give the time of day at first.

But if you have already given someone a chance and don’t see it working out, don’t prolong the relationship. Don’t waste both of your time. Don’t worry about anyone calling you too picky, because you have a right to choose.

You are allowed to walk away from someone when you don’t feel a strong connection. You are allowed to say goodbye when someone fails to meet your expectations. You are allowed to be picky.

After all, you know what you like. You know what kind of person will make you happy. So don’t settle until you find them. Don’t let anyone convince you to lower your standards. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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