When You Love Someone, You Forgive Them For The Little Things

Forgive Them
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Even though you love each other, you are not always on your best behavior around each other because you are together all the time. They are one of the few people who get to see every single side of you. When you’re tired. Grumpy. Angry. Annoyed. Upset. Excited. They are lucky (and unlucky) enough to be with you during every milestone and disappointment.

When you love each other, you accept things are not always going to be perfect. You are not always going to be in honeymoon mode. There are going to be days when you argue and days when you don’t get along. You cannot avoid arguments. When you spend a large amount of time with someone, you are bound to have disagreements, no matter how much you care about each other.

When you love each other, you forgive them for the little things. When they come home from work in a bad mood and snap at you. When they are extra quiet during dinner time even though you want to talk. When they say the wrong thing without thinking their words through. When they nod their head without listening closely to what you say.

When you love each other, you take their apologies seriously. You know they mean it when they say sorry. You know they feel horrible about the way they treated you, because even though their mistake was a small one, it still caused you pain and they never want to cause you pain. They want to be the one wiping your tears away, not causing them to leak.

When you love each other, you do not hold grudges for long. You do not give the silent treatment for weeks on end. You do not hold their mistakes over them for a lifetime because you are unable to let them go. You forgive them for whatever they have done because they are only human, they make mistakes, they are imperfect. You forgive them because you know they have forgiven you just as many times.

When you love each other, you agree to fix your problems instead of continuing to fight about them. You sit down and have mature, respectful discussions. You come to compromises. You never make the same mistake twice. You never make a habit of doing something that hurts their feelings. Once is bad enough. You would never dream of causing the same pain again.

When you love each other, you won’t have to forgive them for any big things because there isn’t anything big they are going to do wrong. They aren’t going to cheat on you. They aren’t going to raise their hand to you. They aren’t going to disrespect you. They aren’t going to give you a reason to leave them behind. They aren’t going to do anything unacceptable or unforgivable.

When you love each other, you try to become the best versions of yourselves for each other. You try to make the relationship as strong as possible. There will be bumps along the way — but you will get through them, together. TC mark


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