When You Ghost A Girl, You Make Her Feel Insecure

Ghost A Girl
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You might think you are letting her down easy by walking away without having an awkward conversation where you reject her — but you are actually breaking her heart worse.

When you ghost a girl, you might think you are making your feelings obvious. You don’t like her as much as she likes you. You aren’t looking for a relationship with her. You are finished with her. But that is not the conclusion she is going to make. She is going to think better of you.

When you ghost her, she will have trouble coming terms with the fact that you’re gone. She will keep staring at her phone, waiting for your texts to come through. She will check up on you through social media, wondering where you went.

She won’t want to believe that after everything you have been through together, all of your late night talks and flirtatious conversations, that you just walked away without a word, so she will make up stories in her head.

Maybe you are busy with work. Maybe there was an emergency with your family. Maybe something horrible happened. Maybe she should text you a second or a third time just to make sure. 

When you ghost a girl, you might think it will be easy for her to forget about you because you were an asshole, a coward, someone who claimed to care about her and then ran away — but in reality, you are making it even harder for her to get over you. You are leaving her without closure. You are leaving her with a million questions.

Even after she stops texting you and leaving likes across your photos, she is not going to stop thinking about you. You are going to be on her mind all the time. She will either be missing you and wishing you would return or she will be annoyed with you and wondering why you disappeared.

When you ghost her, she is going to hold out hope that you could return. Months later, she could still be stuck on you. She could still have her heart set on ending up with you.

Ghosting is not a satisfying ending to any love story. It will hurt her. It will confuse her. It will make her feel insecure, because she apparently wasn’t even important enough for you to be honest with. You didn’t even think she deserved a proper goodbye.

When you ghost a girl, you are telling her that you do not respect her. You are telling her that you would rather run away without taking responsibility for your actions than deal with watching her cry and scream and argue. You are telling her that you were perfectly happy flirting with her, but don’t want to deal with the repercussions of leading her on.

If you don’t like her, then don’t lead her on in the first place. Don’t fool her into thinking you could become a couple. Don’t give her reason to believe you are her forever and then walk away without an explanation why. Don’t break her heart. TC mark


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