When You Discover He Has A Girlfriend Now

When You Discover He Has A Girlfriend Now
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Your heart drops. Your stomach sinks. You feel like a complete idiot for wasting so much of your time on him.

The worst part is how blindsided you are by the news. You never expected this to happen. You were convinced that he liked you back. You thought all of the texts he sent and pictures he liked were signs that you were on the same page.

All of this time, you were waiting for him to ask you out, and his energy was on some other girl.

You were stupid to think you had a chance with him. You must have read his signals wrong. You must have been imagining sexual tension that never existed in the first place because you were so desperate for love.

You spend hours hating yourself for being so gullible, so trusting, so naive — and then the questions start.

You wonder whether they just met each other or whether she was hidden in the shadows all along. He could have been liking your photos while snuggled up next to her in bed. He could have been texting her when you were in the same room together. He could have been pursuing her the entire time you were pursuing him.

You are dying to confront him about it. You want to sit him down and scream about how he betrayed you, but you know he technically never belonged to you. You technically weren’t dating. He technically doesn’t owe you anything — not a date and not an apology.

Even though you know he is off the market, you still have feelings for him. You can’t make them vanish into thin air. You can’t forget about all of the cute moments you shared. Moments that you thought meant something to the both of you.

When you first find out the guy you were planning on dating has a girlfriend now, you feel like you are never going to get closure. You feel like you are never going to find love either because you apparently have horrible taste. You thought this guy was good for you, you thought he was your person, but you couldn’t have been more wrong.

Eventually, you stop being angry at yourself for not seeing the signs and get angry at him instead. He never gave any indication that he was interested in other people. He never mentioned another girl. He never made you think that there was a chance he would choose someone else.

Even though, at first, it feels like you are never going to get over this heartache, there will be a day when you are happy he decided to date someone else. You will realize you were lucky for missing out on a guy who strings girls along, a guy who acts like he is interested one day and then shows up with a new girl on his arm the next day.

Eventually, you will understand he is the one who is missing out, not you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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