Stay Single Because Your Ex Left For A Reason

Stay Single Because Your Ex Left For A Reason
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Stay single instead of retreating to your ex whenever you feel lonely. Ignore the temptation to text him, because one conversation is going to blossom into a midnight invitation over to his place, which is going to escalate into getting back together (or at least sleeping together again).

Stay single because you do not belong together. Stop convincing yourself that he has the potential to change. Unless you have actually seen a change that makes all of your past arguments irrelevant, then you should not bend your resolve. You should not dip your standards. You should not allow him entrance into your world because you are having trouble getting over him.

Stay single because you separated for a reason. You both could have chosen to work things out. You could have chosen to fight for the relationship. You could have decided your love was worth the effort. But you ended things instead. That happened for a reason. That happened because you both believed it was the best possible route to take.

Stay single because you can forgive the past, but you cannot forget what you two went through together. Do not pretend everything is fine. Do not act like you are okay with the lies he told when you are secretly still fuming. You have to ask yourself if you are truly able to trust him after what he did to you, if you are able to love him just as fully as you did in the beginning. If you cannot, then getting back together is probably a bad idea.

Stay single because loving him does not mean you are supposed to be in a relationship with him. Sometimes, you have to let go of the ones you love the most. Sometimes, you both deserve to explore other options. Sometimes, love is not enough to keep a relationship strong. You also need similar visions of the future, mutual respect, and continual effort.

Stay single because you don’t want to go through the same heartbreak twice. You don’t want to give him a third chance he doesn’t even deserve, only to have him hurt you again in the end. You don’t want to put yourself through that kind of pain when you have already endured it once.

Stay single because the bad times you had outweigh the happy ones. You cannot get so distracted by the nice memories that you forget about all of the arguments. Your relationship was far from perfect. Don’t forget that.

Stay single because he is  not the only person in the world who has the ability to make your heart beat faster. There are other people out there who will make you laugh, give you butterflies, and treat you with respect — and they would never dream of hurting you. They would never risk losing you. They would never make you cry the way your ex already has.

Stay single because your last relationship didn’t work out for a reason. Instead of glancing back at the past, look toward your future instead. TC mark


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