She Was A Romantic Before She Met You

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Before she met you, she believed in love at first sight. She believed in spending eternity alongside one person. She believed in meaningful kisses and marriage and forever.

Then you showed up and you swept her off her feet. You made her feel important for the first time in her life. You made her feel like she was someone worth knowing.

You got close to her. You build a relationship with her. You created something she cherished.

In the beginning, she still believed in fairy tales and she thought she had finally found hers. She thought she would never have to look for love again because you were the one, you were the answer to all her problems.

You brought her happiness. Peace. The life she always wanted. And then you took all of that away from her.

She didn’t notice the red flags at first, but she eventually picked up on your lies. She noticed the way you would come home later and later until some night you didn’t come home at all. She felt you slipping away from her, but whenever she would announce her fears, you would act like everything was okay. You would act extra sweet with her for a few days to calm her down, to get her comfortable again, and then you would return to your old ways.

It took her a long time to gather the willpower to leave you, but now that your toxic relationship is in her rearview mirror, she isn’t a romantic anymore. She isn’t going to resume her quest for true love, for forever.

She is worried every relationship is going to end up like her last one. Temporary.

Besides, she doesn’t have the energy to date around anymore. She doesn’t want to slip into a skintight dress and wobbly heels to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant when she could be eating on her couch and saving herself money and trouble.

She isn’t a romantic anymore. She isn’t on the lookout for love. She feels like there are better ways to spend her time.

After going through such a roller coaster relationship, she’s not interested in falling in love again. She doesn’t need the stress. What she needs is a chance to relax, to rediscover herself, to be completely and utterly alone.

She is not a romantic anymore. She doesn’t daydream about candlelit dinners beneath the stars anymore. She doesn’t count down the days until she meets her prince charming.

She dreams about other things now, like finding inner peace and going on solo adventures to places she has never visited before. She dreams about finding happiness outside of a relationship and feeling fulfilled as a single woman.

If someone special comes along one day, then she isn’t going to resist a relationship, but she certainly isn’t keeping her eyes open for one. Right now, she is happy to have her freedom and her sanity back. She couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

She’s not a romantic anymore — but she doesn’t have to be. There are still a million milestones to look forward to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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