Never Stop Flirting With Her

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In the beginning of the relationship, you brought her roses at her doorstep. You texted her first thing in the morning, just to tell her you missed her and couldn’t wait to see her again. You cradled her thigh with your hand while you were driving. You tickled her and hugged her from behind and spent entire afternoons cuddling her — even if there wasn’t any sex involved. You complimented her every time you saw her because you couldn’t believe you were lucky enough to land someone so beautiful. You played with her hair. You cooked her dinners. You offered her your jacket in the rain. You went out of your way to spoil her, because you wanted to impress her. You wanted her to choose you and only you.

Now that you are officially together, now that you feel like you don’t have to work hard in order to keep her around, you might have started slacking. The forehead kisses might have stopped. The banter back and forth might have slowed down. You might have stopped treating her the same way as you did at the start, because you are comfortable with her now. She is your official girlfriend and you are not in any danger of losing her, so you don’t see the point in performing grand, romantic gestures. After all, you know relationships change. Puppy love cannot last forever.

Even though that is true, even though your relationship is not fresh anymore, you cannot neglect her. You cannot take away her affection. You cannot turn into a totally different person. She probably isn’t going to leave you anytime soon, but that does not mean you should stop putting effort into your relationship. You should continue flirting with her, long after you have gotten her. You should take her out on dates. You should see movies in theaters and make reservations for restaurants and sip drinks by the side of the pool. You should walk through fields and go strawberry picking, you should take her on picnics in parks, you should explore different areas of the globe together.

Just because you are in a committed, comfortable relationship does not mean you should stop making exciting, spontaneous decisions. It does not mean you should settle for quality time spent together on the couch every weekend when you could be making memories outside of your living room. You love this person more than anything — which means you should be excited to put effort into making them smile. You should be more than happy to do sweet little things for them.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been dating her or how much faith you have that your relationship will last. Never stop flirting with her. Never stop taking her on romantic dates. Never stop making her feel special. Never give her reason to doubt whether you still have strong feelings for her.

She chose you because she believed you would treat her right — so don’t disappoint her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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