If You Love Me, You Will Understand Why I Have To Leave

If you love me, then you won’t fight for me. You won’t beg me to return. You won’t make walking away from you even harder because it’s already the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life.

I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m not trying to make you feel even worse about yourself. I am leaving for me. Because I deserve better. Because I have given you a million chances and you have ruined every single one of them.

If you love me, you won’t blame me for leaving after everything you put me through. Try to see the situation from my perspective. Think about everything I have endured, everything I have forgiven you for over the years. I have been lenient. I have been kind.

But I cannot keep sacrificing my own happiness in order to make you happy. I cannot put any more energy into this relationship because it has been exhausting me.

You are toxic. You have said hurtful things. You have lied straight to my face. You have manipulated me into thinking your mistakes were my fault.

I allowed you to walk over me for such a long time — but I am not going to do that anymore. I am finally standing up for myself. I am finally choosing myself.

If you love me, you will not tell your friends what a bitch I am for leaving you behind. You will not spread false stories about me to make yourself look better. You will not turn me into the villain because you are afraid to take responsibility for your own actions.

I feel bad enough about leaving you already, even though there is no reason for that. I shouldn’t be the one with regrets. I shouldn’t be the one weighed down with guilt. It’s not fair that you get to treat me horribly for this long and don’t even seem to be sorry about it, but the second I hurt your feelings, I turn into a complete wreck.

If you love me, then you will understand why I have to leave. You won’t kick and scream to keep me from walking out the door. You won’t argue with me about how no one will ever love me with the same amount of passion as you. You won’t make me feel guilty about doing what is best for myself.

If you love me, you will make this easier on me. You will say goodbye like a mature adult. You will handle yourself with dignity instead of trying to get revenge on me or trying to rope me back into your life.

If you love me, then you will watch me walk away in silence. You will grant me freedom. You will allow me the opportunity to explore this world without you weighing me down.

If you love me, you will let me leave, because you know in your heart I deserve more than what you have been putting me through. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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