How To Lose A Passionate Girl

How To Lose A Passionate Girl
Sarah Sharp

Passionate girls are unwilling to settle for mediocre love. They want the real deal. They want make out sessions in the pouring rain and late night talks beneath a blanket of stars. They want to feel alive when they are with their person. They want to feel like they are in exactly the right place.

Passionate girls are people pleasers. They thrive on emotion. They want to see you with a smile on your lips and excitement in your eyes. They want to know they are the only one who causes butterflies to swarm through your stomach and makes your heart beat at triple its speed.

Passionate girls do not appreciate being ignored. They love attention. They love spending quality time with the people they care about. You could be doing absolutely nothing together, just sitting on the couch and watching television, but they will be happy as long as they are with you.

On the other hand, you could be at the most romantic beach in the world, surrounded by beauty, but they will be miserable if you spend more time staring at your phone than into their eyes. They don’t care about the adventure itself. They care about the person experiencing it alongside them.

That is why you are going to lose a passionate girl when you take her presence for granted. When you stop realizing how lucky you are to have her. When you stop thinking of yourself as the luckiest guy in the world and start getting too comfortable with her.

You are going to lose a passionate girl when you stop appreciating everything she has done for you. When you look at her texts and toss your phone to the side instead of answering right away. When you stop going out of your way to see her and only meet up when you are bored and cannot think of anything better to do.

You are going to lose a passionate girl when you stop being passionate yourself. When you look away as she kisses you. When you sleep with her without putting any emotion into it. When you make her feel like she is interchangeable, like you would be just as happy with someone else.

Passionate girls want to be wanted. When they are seeing someone, they need heartfelt compliments and lingering hugs and kisses on the shoulder blades. They are not attention seekers. They just know what they deserve and they deserve affection. They deserve to be stared at like they are the most beautiful woman on the planet. They deserve to feel seen, heard, valuable.

Passionate girls are not going to waste much time in the wrong relationship, because the second someone neglects them, they will bounce. They will not accept a role as second choice. 

You are going to lose a passionate girl when you stop treating her like the love of your life, because she does not want to be just another girl you date. She wants to be the girl you spend forever alongside. TC mark


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