Date Someone Who Doesn’t Confuse You

Date Someone Who Doesn't Confuse You
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Date someone who is straightforward with you. Someone who makes their intentions clear. Someone who says exactly what they mean because they don’t see the point in beating around the bush.

Date someone who asks you on an official date a week in advance instead of casually texting at the last second to see whether you can hang out and get drinks without defining whether they mean as friends or something more.

Date someone who texts you first thing in the morning to let you know they have been thinking of you instead of someone who texts ‘hey’ without any context, without any hints of whether they are flirting or only being friendly.

Date someone who asks you to see them in person because they are excited to spend time together instead of someone who watches your stories and likes your pictures from afar without ever initiating a conversation.

Date someone who is a constant in your world, not someone who drops off the face of the planet for weeks before reentering and acting like you are the love of their life.

Date someone consistent. Someone with strong morals. Someone who is always there for you and makes it clear how they feel about you because they aren’t ashamed of having emotions. They aren’t trying to keep their crush a secret. They aren’t playing the field to avoid committing to one person.

Date someone who is crazy about you and cannot keep quiet about it. Someone who admits how they feel so you never have to guess. Someone who is unafraid of looking you straight in the eyes and revealing what is on their mind. Date someone who will tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not, whether there is a chance they could get rejected or not.

Date someone who thinks the chase is stupid. Someone who refuses to play hard to get. Someone who wants you to know how they are feeling instead of erecting walls to hide behind.

Date someone who will text you when you pop into their head instead of waiting days to answer so they look cool. Date someone who will compliment you on how pretty you look instead of keeping the compliment to themselves to avoid coming across as clingy. Date someone who is okay with coming on too strong because they believe it’s better than pretending not to care at all.

Date someone who doesn’t hide their feelings for you, because they are excited about starting a relationship with you and want to make sure you know how much you are loved.

Date someone who doesn’t send mixed signals, because they know exactly what they want and the only one they want is you.

Date someone who doesn’t confuse you, because they pride themselves on their honesty.

Date someone who doesn’t believe in bullshit modern dating games, because there is no point in pretending they don’t care about you when you have been the only thing on their mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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