Date Me Or Turn Me Down (But Do Not Keep Me In The Middle)

Date Me Or Turn Me Down (But Do Not Keep Me In The Middle)
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I don’t want you to string me along for months and make me think we are going to end up in a serious relationship when you know perfectly well you aren’t looking for anything serious.

I don’t want to tell my friends stories about you and mention your name to my parents and stop pursuing other guys who are interested in me, all because I am wrongly convinced you feel the same way.

I don’t want to look like an idiot. I don’t want to call you The One, even inside my mind, if you are only another person intent on hurting me.

If you are not interested in dating me, do me a favor and reject me right away. Let me know a relationship is never going to happen. Admit that you are not planning on calling me your girlfriend anytime soon because you have other girls who need your attention.

I am sick of being stuck in the middle. I do not want to wonder what we mean to each other. I do not want our label to be complicated. I either want you to be my official boyfriend or I want you to turn me down right now. I don’t want to waste my time chasing after you if you aren’t looking for love. I don’t want to get my hopes up when you are destined to disappoint me.

Instead of texting me every few days and commenting on how much you miss me when we go weeks without seeing each other, be more upfront with me. I’m not interested in interpreting mixed signals, because half of the time, I read them wrong. So stop making gestures that are somewhere in between friendly and flirtatious that could be taken in two completely different ways.

I don’t want to assume you are crazy about me when you secretly couldn’t care less about me. And I don’t want to assume you are out of my league when you are secretly attracted to me either.

To make things easier for the both of us, either admit you are interested in dating me and want to see where things go — or tell me you aren’t looking for a relationship. Right now. Don’t wait until we have kissed to give me that information. Don’t wait until I am already invested in us and convinced we are going to become an item.

Yes, getting rejected by you is going to sting, but it’s better than finding out you are dating someone different three months from now. Rip the bandage off before it gets stuck too tightly to my skin. Stop me from falling for you before my feelings grow even stronger. Respect me enough to let me know what you want from me.

Modern dating wouldn’t suck as much if more people were upfront about their feelings. So either date me or turn me down right now, because I don’t want to keep questioning how you feel. I want to know for sure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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