Date A Girl Who Believes In Astrology

Date A Girl Who Believes In Astrology
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Date a girl who believes in astrology because she is in touch with her emotions. She realizes astrology is not about predicting what is going to happen in the future. It is about self-discovery. It is about learning more about herself, because she understands the importance in being your own best friend. She does not want to walk through this world blindly. She wants to know her reasons for being. She wants to uncover as much as possible about her inner self.

Date a girl who believes in astrology because she believes in fate. She believes in karma. She believes everything happens for a reason. When something goes wrong in her world, she does not suffer for long. She searches for the silver lining, for the lesson learned. She picks herself back up shortly after her collapse because she has faith there is a purpose to her existence. She trusts she belongs here, that she means something.

Date a girl who believes in astrology because she has a spiritual side. She is open-minded. She is not opposed to ideas some people consider ‘unrealistic.’ She listens, she observes, and she comes to her own conclusions. She makes her own decisions about what is possible.

Date a girl who believes in astrology because she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She knows there are a lot of people out there who believe the signs are bullshit. She knows some people are snickering behind her back when she mentions how she knew someone was a Virgo because of how organized they are or how she gets along the best with Pisces because they are the friendliest people on the planet — but she does not care. She is not going to stop believing in something, just because others do not understand. She holds on tightly to her beliefs.

Date a girl who believes in astrology because she has a good read on people. She knows the way they work because she has read up on different personality types. When she starts showing interest in you, she is going to check your horoscope as often as she checks her own, because she wants to learn as much about you as possible. She cares about the details. She cares about what makes others tick. Seeing your outsides is not enough. She wants your insides as well.

Date a girl who believes in astrology because she will open you up to new possibilities. She will ask for your sign and explain what it means. She will list off surprisingly accurate information about you. She will make you wonder whether there is some truth behind zodiac pairings and star charts. She will help you restore your childlike wonder. She will give you reason to believe in the unbelievable.

Date a girl who believes in astrology. A girl who can tell you her love language and her MBTI off the top of her head. A girl who knows exactly who she is and exactly who she wants to become. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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