8 Ways You’re Fooling Yourself Into Thinking He Likes You Too

Maybe he likes you. But maybe it’s all in your head.
8 Ways You're Fooling Yourself Into Thinking He Likes You Too
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1. You think the best of him. When he says he misses you, you believe him. When he says you are the only girl he has been talking to, you believe him. You haven’t considered the possibility he has been playing you. You assume he’s an honest guy when he could be a player.

2. You are reading his signs wrong. You wouldn’t flirt with someone unless you wanted to date them, so you assume everyone else thinks the same way, which is not the case. He might flirt with you for the fun of it. He might flirt with you because he’s looking for sex. It might not have anything to do with wanting to become your boyfriend.

3. You are the one who does all the work. You claim that you talk all the time, so he must have feelings for you too. The only problem is you’re the one who texts first every single time. He never initiates the conversations and never adds much to them either. You have to strain to keep the conversation going because his one-word answers don’t bring much to the table.

4. You’re only telling your friends half of the story. If you keep telling your friends about the cute compliments he gave you and the way he pushed back a strand of your hair — but leave out the parts where he mentioned liking another girl and how you texted him three times in a row and still didn’t get a response — then they are going to assume he likes you. They are going to tell you what you want to hear because they don’t know the full version of events.

5. You read too far into his words. He could say ‘hello’ and you’d spend hours thinking about what he could have really meant. You are trying so hard to find evidence he likes you. You are overthinking every little move he makes. Sometimes, a hello doesn’t mean anything at all. It just means he’s being friendly.

6. You are only focusing on the positive. He has given you mixed signals, but instead of thinking about all of the times he disappointed you, you keep replaying the good memories in your head. You are acting like his compliments and Instagram likes matter, but his distance and avoidance doesn’t mean anything at all. You are only looking at part of the view instead of the full picture.

7. You are focused on the version of him that exists in your head. If most of your interactions with him took place during your daydreams, you probably don’t know the real him. He might not even be someone you are interested in dating once you spend some time together. You keep assuming the guy you fantasize about is the same as the real person, but they could be completely different.

8. You really want him. You want him to like you back. You want things to work out. You are determined to date him, so you have convinced yourself it is going to happen. You are blinded by your feelings for him. You are having trouble seeing the situation logically. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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