7 Things Loyal Guys Never Do When They Have A Serious Girlfriend

7 Things Loyal Guys Never Do When They Have A Serious Girlfriend
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1. Loyal men never swipe through dating apps. If he is 100% committed to you, then there is no reason for him to keep Tinder on his screen, because it only takes two seconds to delete. The only reason he would still be swiping through photographs and messaging strangers is if he wanted to cheat or if he wanted a backup plan for when your relationship ends.

2. Loyal men never talk to other women in secret. A loyal guy will tell you all about the ex he still texts and the female friends he hangs out with from time to time. It’s pretty sketchy if he has been talking to other girls and has been keeping the information a secret from you. If he doesn’t want you to know about them, there must be a reason why.

3. Loyal men never act unattached. A cheater will remove his wedding ring at bars. A cheater will ‘forget’ to mention he’s taken when a pretty woman approaches him. But a loyal man will keep on his jewelry and bring your name up every time he gets the chance, because you’re the only one he wants.

4. Loyal men never freak out about their phones. He might not want you snooping through his personal information when he leaves for the bathroom, but it starts getting suspicious when he doesn’t even want you to see the name that appears when his notifications go off. Loyal men won’t care if you grab their phone for a second because it’s closer and you want to search something on Google. They are completely fine sharing with you.

5. Loyal men never make a habit of coming home late. A loyal man will text you when work is running late or traffic is heavy. He will have an excuse that makes sense when he comes home later than expected. Meanwhile, a cheater will have a story filled with holes. A cheater might not even bother making an excuse and taking responsibility for keeping you waiting. A cheater won’t care that you are hurt.

6. Loyal men never make excuses for their unfaithful friends. Loyal men are going to be disgusted when their friends cheat. They won’t encourage the behavior. They won’t act like dating two girls at once is something admirable. Loyal men will be against infidelity, in their relationship and in every other relationship.

7. Loyal men never dance around the truth. If you ask him where he’s going that night and who is going with him, he should give you a straight answer. If he immediately gets defensive and changes the subject, then he is probably pulling some sneaky shit. A loyal man answers questions without flinching or hesitation, because he has done nothing wrong, and he admits when he screws up. He remains honest with you, even when the truth is uncomfortable. He has strong morals, so he does not tell little white lies to get away with his mistakes. He is real with you. He has your best interest at heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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