50 Stupidly Simple Things To Do When You Like A Girl

50 Stupidly Simple Things To Do When You Like A Girl
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1. Send the first text.

2. Buy her fries.

3. Like her selfies.

4. Call her on the phone.

5. Give her a massage.

6. Hold her hand.

7. Let her wear your jacket.

8. Play with her hair.

9. Compliment her personality.

10. Open the door for her.

11.  Use her name.

12. Remember her birthday.

13. Ask her to dance.

14. Put an arm around her.

15. Hug her from behind.

16. Kiss her forehead.

17. Kiss her neck.

18. Send her good morning texts.

19. Offer to drive.

20. Wear her favorite cologne.

21. Tell her you miss her.

22. Call her beautiful.

23. Read the books she recommends.

24. Put effort into keeping the conversation going.

25. Share your food with her.

26. Wait to watch certain shows so you can watch together.

27. Let her know you’re available.

28. Play her favorite music when you’re driving her around.

29. Meet her for lunch during her break.

30. Introduce her to your friends.

31. Make eye contact with her.

32. Smile around her.

33. Laugh at her (funny) jokes.

34. Send her pictures of your dog.

35. Avoid looking at your phone when you’re talking to her.

36. Pay attention to when she gets a new haircut or paints her nails differently.

37. Really listen to her.

38. Cuddle with her — without expecting sex.

39. Make her favorite food.

40. Watch her snap stories.

41. Invite her to be your plus-one.

42. Ask her about her day.

43. Surprise her with flowers.

44. Leave her love notes.

45. Keep yourself groomed.

46. Ask for her opinion.

47. Compliment her.

48. Make her laugh.

49. Admit you have feelings for her.

50. Ask her out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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