22 Times Your ‘Almost’ Will Make Your Heart Sink

22 Times Your 'Almost' Will Make Your Heart Sink
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1. When you are waiting hours for them to text you back and eventually come to the realization they aren’t planning on continuing the conversation.

2. When you check your social media to see whether they liked one of the posts you uploaded specifically for them and then come across a picture they posted with another girl instead.

3. When you shave, shower, and get dressed your best to hang out with them — and then get a text about how they are sorry but they have to cancel.

4. When you run into someone they know and they introduce you as just a friend even though they feel like so much more than that.

5. When you gather the courage to send a first text (or a double text) and they only respond with one word, making it clear they are not in the mood for a conversation that day.

6. When they ignore every single one of your messages, but then you see their name under the list of people who have viewed your story.

7. When they tell you how much they miss you, but don’t follow through and actually try to set plans with you.

8. When they mention another boy/girl who you are worried they are interested in dating instead of you.

9. When they use the words: I’m not ready for a relationship right now. 

10. When you reach a milestone, like holding hands with them for the first time kissing them for the first time, and the next day they act like it never happened.

11. When they text you late at night, fall asleep, and don’t end up continuing the conversation the next morning.

12. When you think you finally have an idea of how they feel about you and then they go right back to sending mixed signals.

13. When you ask them to hang out and they turn you down without even bothering to give you an explanation.

14. When you catch them flirting with someone else, but you feel like you don’t have the right to complain because they are not technically dating you yet.

15. When they ghost you for weeks and then enter your world again without saying sorry or explaining where the hell they went for so long.

16. When they are all over you in private — but as soon as other people are around, they treat you like you mean nothing to them.

17. When you send them a cute selfie it took you forever to get right and they don’t even compliment you.

18. When they act like you are crazy for getting so attached to them, even though they have been leading you on for months.

19. When they get drunk and text you about how much they like you — and then completely disappear when they are sober again.

20. When they keep inviting you to hang out at their apartment, but don’t want to be seen in public with you.

21. When they refuse to talk about the future or commitment or whether a relationship is in the stars.

22. When you find out they are dating someone else and your almost relationship officially comes to an end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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