Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Like This

12 Signs He Secretly Misses You As Much As You Miss Him

1. He keeps trying to contact you. He snaps you random pictures. He likes all your posts. He texts you randomly to ask you how you’ve been doing, talk about random topics, and ask questions that he could have easily Googled for an answer.

2. He hints at setting plans. He might not come right out and say that he misses you or that he wants to get drinks with you, but he will casually mention how he is going to a certain bar that night or talk about a movie he has been dying to see in the hopes that you will ask to join him.

3. He brings up old memories. He flirts with you. He brings up inside jokes. He mentions happy memories that you have had together. He hasn’t forgotten any of those things. They are still fresh in his mind.

4. He never goes long without contacting you. Even if you don’t send a text back, he will double text. He might go a few days without talking to you, but he won’t go more than a week. He cannot stand to be away from you for that amount of time.

5. He seems excited when you run into each other. His eyes widen. His pupils dilate. He touches you. He compliments you. When he’s with you, it looks like he is exactly where he wants to be.

6. He tries to make your time together last longer. When you text, he will try hard to keep the conversation going. When you run into each other, he will hug you for longer than is ‘friendly.’ He never wants his moments with you to end.

7. He remembers important dates. He texts you on your birthday. He texts you on the anniversary of a loved one’s death. He reaches out to you on the important days, so you know he is still there and still cares.

8. He messages you directly. Instead of liking one of your beach photos, he will see what you’ve posted and then start a conversation with you about how you spent your weekend. He will use any excuse to talk to you. He will use anything you give him as a conversation starter.

9. He insults the other boys in your world. He acts like you can do better. Like you are settling. Like you should stop wasting your time with them and move onto someone else. Basically, he acts jealous.

10. He gives you heartfelt compliments. He talks about how cute you looked in your latest snap story. He compliments you on how well you have been doing with work. He talks about how much fun you used to have together. Every word out of his mouth is about how much he likes you.

11. He gives you a lot of attention. Even when he’s out with his friends, he is talking to you. No matter what time of day it is, he responds quickly. He has been placing you as a priority.

12. He texts you when he is wasted. Every time he takes a drink and his inhibitions fall away, you are the first person on his mind. You are the one he wants to text. You are the one he wants to see. You are the one he misses. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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