12 Reasons Why You Don’t Realize The Sarcastic Girl Likes You

Sarcastic Girl
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1. Her flirting verges on meanYou might assume she wants nothing to do with you because she teases you about your haircut and your favorite baseball team — but really, that is her way of flirting. She uses sarcasm. She uses humor. She uses the same tactics as little kids on the playground.

2. She is purposely hiding her feelings. She keeps a wall around her heart. She doesn’t want to like you. She doesn’t want to get butterflies every time you walk into the room. That is why she does her best to hide her happiness during your conversations. She doesn’t want you to realize how deep her feelings run.

3. She has been sending mixed signals. There are times when she texts back within two minutes and other times when she goes weeks without talking to you. You might think she’s purposely trying to confuse you, but she’s only trying to come across as chill. She doesn’t want to overwhelm you with messages. She doesn’t want to seem desperate.

4. She hasn’t made a move yet. Even though she has been dying to take steps forward with you, that hasn’t happened yet, because she is waiting for you to do the honors. She doesn’t want to risk the rejection.

5. She goes a while without talking to you. She doesn’t want to do all of the work. She doesn’t want to initiative every conversation. She keeps her distance to see whether you are going to reach out or whether you are going to live life without her.

6. She never looks directly at you. You might think she is avoiding eye contact because she doesn’t want to have a conversation with you, but really, she is nervous around you. You make her heart quiver. You make her hands shake.

7. She gives odd compliments. She will phrase everything as a joke, so even when she is being nice to you, you will wonder whether she is being serious or making fun of you. It’s hard to tell when she is being authentic.

8. She doesn’t want to seem emotional. She will never say something sappy. She shows her affection with teasing nicknames, not cute pet names.

9. She isn’t sure how you feel. Until she has proof you like her as much as she likes you, she is going to hide her feelings. She doesn’t want to embarrass herself by admitting to one-sided feelings.

10. She mentions other guys. You might think she is trying to hint that she is interested in somebody else, but she is actually trying to make you jealous to test whether or not you like her back.

11. You aren’t paying attention to her body language. She isn’t going to come right out and say she has feelings for you, which is why you have to pay attention to her actions. Does she choose the seat closest to you? Does she compare your hand sizes? Does she keep staring at your lips? Does she draw attention to her lips? Then she likes you.

12. You are selling yourself short. Stop assuming she is out of your league. Stop assuming you could never land a catch like her. She clearly likes you, so make the first move. Ask her out. Shoot your shot. TC mark


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