11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Chasing Someone

11 Things People Don't Realize You're Doing Because You're Chasing Someone

 1. You post attractive pictures on your Instagram. Even though all of your friends and family members can see what you post, you are really posting for one specific person. Of course, you don’t want to send the picture directly to them and seem like you are trying hard to impress them, so you casually post it on your page and pray they stumble across it. 

2. You bombard your friends with stories about them. You don’t want to look like some lovesick girl who can’t get a guy off her mind, so most of your stories are about how annoying he is, about how you cannot stand him because he makes no sense. But everyone with half a brain realizes that you would not be dropping his name so much unless you had strong feelings for him. 

3. You dress up when you would normally wear sweats. When you’re worried about running into them, you put on your finest outfit, even though you would definitely not put that much effort into your look if you were assured you weren’t going to see them that day. 

4. You start altering your lifestyle. You work out more. You buy new clothes. You listen to different music. You are trying to become the best version of yourself to impress them.

5. Your moods swing wildly. You are disappointed when you go an entire week without seeing them. You are thrilled when they text you out of nowhere. You are heartbroken when they post a picture with another girl. You are either in a good mood or a horrible mood, depending on how they treated you that day. 

6. You look sleepier. You will stay up until midnight to text them, even if you planned on getting to bed before ten. You will miss out on sleep for them. You will chug an extra cup of coffee in the morning for them.

7. You decide that everything reminds you of them. You hear their favorite song on the radio and think of them. You see a shirt they own at the mall and think of them. But you also think of them when you see a random dog or watch a commercial with a guy who has a beard kind-of sort-of like his. You make weird connections because you cannot get him out of your head.  

8. You bash the people they seem to like better than you. When you catch them talking to another girl, you end up secretly hating her. Even though you want to believe in girl power, jealousy takes over and you get angry at her for existing.

9. You remember every little thing about them. They might think you have a good memory, but really, you only remember the details you care about. And you care about everything concerning them, even if it’s a fact as useless as the kind of toppings they use on their ice cream. 

10. You lose your train of thought easily. In the middle of speaking to them, you completely forget what you were planning on saying, because you are distracted by them. You have a hard time concentrating when they are in the same room as you, let alone when they are staring directly into your eyes. So you can come across as a bit of an airhead. 

11. You watch sappy movies and read sappy articles. You want assurance you are not the only one who acts this crazy when you’re interested in someone new. You want to feel like you are not alone. And if you can live vicariously through a movie character while fantasizing about your crush of the moment, that’s fine too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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