10 Ways Dating Sucks When You’re Impulsive

Unsplash / Erik Nielsen

1. You double text. You have a hard time controlling yourself. Even when you know you should wait to text the person you’re interested in, you cannot resist the temptation to message them a second (or third) time in a row.

2. You get into avoidable arguments. If someone looks at you the wrong way, you will jump to conclusions. You will stand up for yourself. You will tell them off. You won’t take a second to calm down, to think through your options. You will explode before you have a chance to second guess whether that’s the best move to make.

3. You flirt with the wrong people. You have a habit of reaching out to toxic exes and flirting with people who are completely wrong for you. You don’t think things through before you lean in to kiss them. You don’t consider all of the ways the situation could head south. You just go with your gut.

4. You  end relationships prematurely. The second someone makes you angry, you storm off. You throw a fit. You threaten to break up with them. You decide to leave them instead of putting effort into fixing what has been broken.

5. You spill secrets. When you feel like you can trust someone, you will tell them everything. In a few minutes, you might regret letting them in on a secret you swore to take to your grave, but in the moment it felt like a good idea.

6. You say yes to dates you are not excited about. When you’re drunk, everything seems like a good idea. You tell people you will go on double dates with them. You tell them you can’t wait to hang out again soon. But once you’re sober again, you realize you would rather stay home instead.

7. You move at your own pace. You don’t wait a certain amount of days to call someone back or to sleep with someone new. When you are in the mood for sex, you have sex. That is a good quality of yours, but unfortunately, some people criticize you for it.

8. You say things you regret. In the middle of a fight, you might insult someone, even though you care deeply about them. You might say things you are unable to take back. And your apologies are not always accepted.

9. You put yourself out there. You don’t think twice about hitting on someone attractive or adding your high school crush on social media. You press like and leave flirtatious comments beneath pictures without thinking anything of it. Unfortunately, some people see you as clingy because of how open and honest you are.

10You say the first thing that pops into your head. If you are looking for someone to marry and have children with, you mention that during the first date. If something reminds you of your ex, you will tell the story. You accidentally ruin the mood all the time, because you don’t hold yourself back. You say whatever you are thinking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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