You Have A Lifetime To Reach Your Dreams

Reach Your Dreams
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Stop freaking out about timelines. No, you might not be where you always thought you would be this age. Yes, some of your friends are making more money than you and living in nicer apartments than you. But that does not make you a failure. That does not mean that you are any less valuable than they are.

You have a lifetime to reach your dreams, so slow down. Take a breather. Let yourself relax instead of pushing yourself to your limits, because you do not want to exhaust yourself. You do not want your mental health to suffer on your way toward success.

You are allowed to pace yourself. You are allowed to set aside time for fun instead of working every hour of your existence.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should give yourself permission to slack off. That doesn’t mean you should say screw it every single day and put off your work until tomorrow because you don’t feel like lifting a finger today.

It only means you should recognize that true success requires years and years of effort. You are not going to achieve your dreams overnight, no matter how talented you are. You need motivation. You need drive. You need to keep plowing forward, even when you have every reason to give up on yourself.

Most days, you cannot allow yourself to slack, because you are never going to get anywhere if you remain in the same place. But on some days, you can make exceptions. Some days, you can give yourself a rest.

Do not burn yourself out. Do not feel like you have to get everything done today, because that is impossible. It’s better to take tiny steps forward every single day than to rush ahead before you are prepared.

You have a lifetime to reach your dreams, so do not feel bad about the lack of milestones you have reached. Do not compare yourself to friends in different fields. Do not let yourself believe that you are a disappointment, because you should be proud of yourself as long as you are trying. As long as you never quit on yourself.

You have a lifetime to reach your dreams, so stop being so hard on yourself. You are doing fine.

Take a day off when you need a break. Give yourself permission to have fun with your friends every once in a while, to sip from a beer, to have a lazy day where you binge Netflix like when you were still a student.

You have a lifetime to reach your dreams, so do not rush things. Once you reach your destination, you are going to wish you enjoyed the journey more. You are going to wish that you never doubted yourself as much as you do, that you had more faith in your abilities.

If you want something enough and you put in enough effort, then you are going to get it. It is just going to take some time. TC mark

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