You Don’t Know How Much A Text Means To Someone

A Text
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On my rough days, the days when I feel lonely and isolated, the days when the voice in the back of my head assures me that nobody cares about me, you have no idea how much a simple text means to me. 

It doesn’t matter what the message says. It could be hey. It could be an emoji. You don’t have to start some philosophical conversation. The fact that you are thinking of me is enough. It will make me feel like I am not as shunned as I feel, like there are people out there who actually want me around. 

Text me when a song reminds you of me. 

Text me when an inside joke pops into your head.

Text me when you need to rant about your problems. 

Text me when you want to brag about your successes.

Text me when you have no idea what to say but are in the mood for a conversation.

Never hesitate to text me because even though there will be times when I am too busy to answer back right away, there will be other times when I am feeling insecure and unloved. Times when I am in a dark place. When I need a little bit of kindness to break me out of my self-destructive cycle. 

You might not think that a text is a big deal, and most of the time it isn’t, but sometimes it means the world. Sometimes it can change my entire attitude around. Sometimes it can make me switch from thinking everyone hates me and I have no friends to thinking that I am lucky and loved.

There is no worse feeling than staring at an empty phone screen, wondering what everyone else is doing while I am stuck sulking inside my bedroom. I feel weird sending random texts to complain about my problems without being asked, which is why I would love for a friend to check in on me. To ask me how I have been doing and expect a genuine answer instead of an I’m fine. 

But I am not greedy. I do not expect much. Even if you send me a text talking about your problems, I am going to appreciate that you trusted me. I am going to be happy that you consider me a close friend.

I don’t go out much, I like to stay inside the house whenever possible, so I’m alone most of the time. I do not get nearly enough social interaction — and I act like I am okay with that, like I prefer to be alone, but it secretly makes me miserable. It makes me feel isolated, but a text can change that, at least a little.

You don’t know how much a simple text means to someone so never hesitate to reach out to them. Never keep your kind words to yourself. Never stay silent when you could be the reason someone goes from having a shitty day to an okay one — maybe even a good one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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