You Are A Horrible Person For Hurting Her

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Lindsey Trapp

I don’t know why you had to choose her. There are millions of people in this universe and you had to hurt one of the pure, soft-hearted ones. It doesn’t seem fair.

She deserves all of the love this world has to offer. She never should have been stuck dealing with your lies and manipulation.

It makes me sick to think of all of the nights she spent crying over you when you weren’t even thinking about her. I hate what you did to her, because I know you weren’t blind. You saw her sweetness. You knew what kind of soul sat inside her and you harmed her anyway.

The worst part is that you picked her on purpose. Because you knew you could take advantage of her. Because you knew she would let you walk over her without saying a word in protest.

She was perfect for you because she believed in forgiveness and second chances. She let you get away with anything as long as you came home with a sorry on your lips and a false promise about how it would never happen again.

She stayed with you, even though you made her feel useless, because she genuinely loved you. You used those feelings against her. You said no one would ever make her as happy as you did, that no one would ever love her in the same way.

Whenever she started to grow the guts to leave, you would turn on the charm. You would act like you cared about her too. You put on an act to keep her around — and once you stopped fearing you would lose her, you went right back to neglecting her.

Everyone could see that she deserved better, except for herself. She thought you were the right person. That is why she fought for you. She sacrificed for you. She lost herself in her love for you.

You might act like you are clueless, but you knew the entire time that you were hurting her. You saw what you were doing and you didn’t even feel guilty about it. You thought you deserved her time and attention but she didn’t deserve yours. You were selfish. You were a hypocrite.

You are a horrible person for intentionally hurting such a sweet girl.

If you hurt me, then I would be able to get over it eventually. I would find reasons to blame myself. I would accept what happened and move on. But you hurt her — and that is something I will never understand or forgive.

She never deserved to feel worthless. She never deserved to feel lesser.

It breaks my heart that someone so amazing has no idea she is amazing because of what you did to her.

She never deserved this heartbreak. She deserves someone who would never dream of treating her the way you have. She deserves all of the love in the world. And now that you are gone, maybe she can finally find it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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