Wait For A Boy Who Is Actually Ready To Settle Down

Settle Down
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Find a boy who is ready to settle down. A boy who is thinking about forever.

Find a boy who says he is actively looking for a relationship instead of one who insists he is not ready for a relationship right now. Find a boy who is working on getting rid of the baggage his exes brought him instead of feeling sorry for himself and hurting other people in the process because he does not know the right way to love.

Find a boy who is willing to delete all of his dating apps once he meets the right girl, because he is not really interested in one-night stands anyway. Find a boy who is excited to give up the bachelor life, not one who tries to cling onto the last bits of freedom for as long as possible because he looks at relationships like a cage, like a punishment, not a blessing.

Find a boy who has a plan for his future. A boy who is taking his career seriously and is taking his relationships seriously because he realizes he is not a teenager anymore. He is an adult. He is responsible. He owns up to his shit. He realizes he is imperfect, but he tries to make up for any mistakes he makes, because he is working on bettering himself.

Find a boy who wants the same things you want, so you won’t have to convince him to date you. You won’t have to bend over backwards to impress him in the hopes that he will change his mind about relationships.

It doesn’t matter how much you like a boy who still wants to play the field, because you are not going to get anywhere with someone like that. You might get drinks with him. You might sleep with him. You might feel like you developed a genuine connection with him. But you will get your heart broken in the end when he ghosts you or leaves you for another girl.

Boys like that will never see your worth. They will be too distracted by the other bodies they see because they are never satisfied with one. They view quantity over quality. They are not meant for you.

Find a boy who gets excited about taking you on dates, not a boy who hides you away because he doesn’t want anyone to know he is seeing someone.

Find a boy who calls you his girlfriend, not a boy who considers you a friend even after you have already kissed.

Find a boy who introduces you to his parents and takes you out with his friends, not a boy who ditches you because he has plans with them and doesn’t want to ask you along.

Find a boy who wants a relationship, not a boy who is running from a relationship.

Find a boy who is ready to settle down because you do not have to settle for games. You do not have to settle for almosts. You can find a boy who wants the same exact things you want. You just have to keep searching. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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