This Is What Having ‘Daddy Issues’ Means Because It Isn’t About Being A Hot Mess

Daddy Issues
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Having daddy issues means you are careful about who you trust. You are aware people leave, aware people lie, aware people who are supposed to love you will not always treat you the best. You never allow yourself to grow too dependent on someone outside of your friend group because that would be a mistake. That could lead to heartbreak. You are not totally against the idea of falling in love and extending your trust, but you keep your guard up high. You make sure that someone is worth the trouble before allowing yourself to grow attached to them, because you realize most people would only be a waste of your time.

Having daddy issues means you are independent. You are reliant on yourself. You make your own money. You drive your own car. You pay your own rent and you clean your own laundry. You do not need a relationship in order to feel fulfilled because you already have a successful career and strong friendships. You are not the kind of person to mope about the single life because you are comfortable alone. You understand that no relationship is better than a relationship where you are undervalued. You have your priorities straight.

Having daddy issues means you do not put up with bullshit. Some people might accuse you of being too fiery and sparking drama, but that’s only because you are not going to let anyone walk over you. If someone speaks down to you, then you are going to speak up to them. You are not going to let them get away with their subtle insults and passive aggressive remarks. You are going to call them out on it. Then they can either rethink the way they treat you or they can decide you are too much effort and walk out the door. Either way, you win.

Having daddy issues means you are careful about the way you treat other people. You know how significantly your relationship with your father has impacted your personality so you do not want to hurt anyone else the same way he has hurt you. When you love someone, whether it is a friend or a boyfriend, you make sure they realize they are loved. You give them your entire heart. You do not hold anything back from them. You love them the right way so that they never feel alone, so that they never feel the way you have felt so many times before.

Having daddy issues means you have a vulnerable side. Even though you work hard to come across as heartless, you have deep scars hidden underneath your skin. You have a past that you talk about freely, like it no longer bothers you in the least, but it does. It has shaped you into who you are today. You have been through a lot more than anyone deserves to experience, but you are still whole. You are strong. You are brave. You are a badass, even when you feel like you are weak. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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