There’s Nothing Wrong With Being A ‘Netflix And Chill’ Girl

Netflix And Chill
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You are allowed to have fun without worrying about what tomorrow will bring. You are allowed to kiss cute boys without turning it into a serious relationship. You are allowed to explore your options. You are allowed to flirt. You are allowed to Netflix and Chill.

Ignore the friends who judge you for bringing home different boys each night, the friends who look at you sideways when you flirt with a stranger at the bar, the friends who are holding out for a rom-com love story and believe everyone else should follow in their footsteps.

You do not have to follow the path everyone else is taking. You do not have to agree with all of the people who claim modern love is a mess and it’s gross that no one takes dating seriously enough anymore. You do not have to wish for an old-timey relationship where you share two straws inside a milkshake. You do not have to feel ashamed about the way you are choosing to pursue love (or pleasure) because every heart wants something different.

You are not easy for inviting someone over to Netflix and Chill with you. You are not settling for less than you deserve if what you want is one night of fun without any expectations from them in the future. Deciding you are okay with something casual does not mean that your standards are too low.

You are allowed to want a serious relationship, you are allowed to want a one-night stand, and you are allowed to switch between what you want depending on the day.

One day, you might want someone to sweep you off your feet with an elaborate date that they spent weeks planning. Another day, you might be more comfortable staying inside and lounging on the couch while a movie plays in the background. In other words, one day, you might want a boyfriend. Another day, you might only want company.

You are allowed to Netflix and Chill if that is what you feel like doing that night — and you should not feel like you are a cliche. You should not feel like you are doing yourself a disservice. If that’s what you want, that’s what you want, and that’s all that matters.

You are allowed to want a low-maintenance hangout session at the end of a long week instead of planning out an elaborate adventure. You are allowed to enjoy pizza and make-out sessions. You are allowed to want something more casual, something without as much pressure, something that might turn into a full-fledged relationship but might only be a fling.

You are allowed to kiss strangers on the lips. You are allowed to sleep with strangers inside empty bedroom. You are allowed to choose what to do with your own body.

You are allowed to be a girl who is disgusted by the idea of Netflix and Chill — and you are allowed to be a girl who is turned on by it. The only thing you aren’t allowed to do is judge. TC mark


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