The Strongest Girls Have Divorced Parents

Divorced Parents
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The strongest girls have experienced the kind of heartbreak that goes beyond losing a boyfriend or a best friend. They have gone through the breakup of their family. They have watched the two people who raised them, the two people who loved them more than anything, fall out of love with each other.

They have gone through nights filled with teardrops, listened to muffled arguments in the other room, and blasted their music to drown out the sounds. They have been caught in the middle. They have felt angry and betrayed and hurt, even though they kept being told the situation had nothing to do with them. 

The strongest girls have been exposed to drama they never asked for and never even expected. They have witnessed unfair fights, one-sided arguments, and petty grievances. They have seen the dark side of relationships, the side that most people are afraid to talk about because they would rather perpetuate the idea of marriage being all sunshine and roses.

But these girls know the truth. They know there is a chance the person who ends up sweeping them off their feet, the man of their dreams who seems like everything they wanted and more, could end up breaking their heart. They might be happy at first, but they could end up hating each other in the future. Resenting each other. Refusing to enter the same room as each other.

The strongest girls have wondered whether love was worth the hype. They have kept themselves guarded, they have strapped a shield around their chest, they have protected themselves by isolating themselves. They have spent a long time worried they are going to end up exactly like their parents.

These girls have abandonment issues. Trust issues. People issues. But all of their baggage has not weighed them down. It has not prevented them from taking a chance when a person feels right. They are willing to take risks for the right one. They are willing to shove all their fears aside, but only under certain circumstances.

When the timing is right, the strongest girls are willing to give love a chance, even though they know perfectly well how it could end. In disaster. In heartache. In another divorce.

But that is the thing. These girls realize that divorce is not the worst thing in the universe. Life goes on after love dies. It sounds depressing, but it could also be seen as inspiring. As a reason to keep going, no matter what happens.

The strongest girls have seen their parents go through the worst moments of their life — but they have also seen them come out on the other side. They have seen firsthand that it is possible to be happy without love. They have learned that sometimes losing the person you thought you couldn’t live without is not the end of the world. It is only the beginning of a new one.

The strongest girls come from divorced parents, parents who have shown them exactly what relationships should and should never become. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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