The Strongest Girls Do Not Realize They Are Strong

Unsplash / Josh Gordon

The strongest girls do not realize they are strong. They cannot see themselves the way the rest of the world sees them. They are blinded by their own insecurities.

The strongest girls experience moments of what they consider ‘weakness’. Moments where they crawl into their beds with tears dripping from their eyes, trying to smother the sounds so no one else can hear. Moments where they lock themselves in a bathroom or leave early because they do not have the energy to keep socializing. Moments where they feel like they are stuck in the same place and cannot pick up their feet to move forward because their energy has run dry.

The strongest girls question themselves, just like everybody else does. They wonder whether they have what it takes to succeed in their career. They wonder whether they are making their loved ones proud. They wonder whether they are ever going to find someone who loves them exactly how they are, someone who is willing to commit to them and only them for an entire lifetime.

The strongest girls have been through the ringer. They have had their hearts broken (and drank too much to cope with the pain). They have gotten into fights with people they thought would never leave (and said some things that they regret). But in the end, they have been strong enough to forgive and strong enough to walk away, depending on what response fit the situation better.

The strongest girls do what they have to do. They drive to work, even when they feel like oversleeping. They smile, even when they feel like they are falling apart inside. They get shit done, even when they need encouraging quotes and three cups of coffee to help push them through the day.

The strongest girls do not realize how much work they have been accomplishing every single day because it comes naturally to them. They do not see how much effort they are putting into relationships and into their career because they could not imagine conducting themselves any other way. They would never give up. They would never quit on themselves, even when the temptation is there.

The strongest girls do not realize they are strong because they do not always look put together from the outside. Sometimes their hair is a mess and their clothes are wrinkled. Sometimes their eyes are red from crying. Sometimes they feel weak. But the strongest girls are also vulnerable. They listen to their hearts. They follow their gut. They express their feelings. They leave their comfort zones.

The strongest girls do not realize they are strong, because they are not the type to brag. They spend most of their time thinking about others, not about themselves. That is why it is so easy for them to admire other women, to compliment their mothers and sisters and friends on how much they have accomplished. They can see the strength in the women around them, but they overlook the strength residing within themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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